Fight for Foothill Tech: BioScience and DTech bond and compete for victory


Ella Nicolle

BioScience and DTech students compete in a battle of the grades. Although the sophomores and juniors put up a tough fight, the seniors took home the win and the trophy.

Ailanie Martinez, Reporter

On Friday, Mar. 11, the BioScience Academy and DTech battled it out in a series of games and challenges for the first-annual BioScience vs. DTech event. Foothill Technology High School’s (Foothill Tech) quad filled with chattering students in their respective programs’ clothing, noticeably dominated by the black BioScience shirts. 

Inter-pathway events like this help create a fun rivalry […] which sets up the possibility for more events in the future as well as more collaboration in the future.

— Niyam Reddy '22

Equipment and set-up for different activities were laid out, but most students flocked over to the snack table, which quickly dwindled in supply. 

Niyam Reddy ’22, the BioScience Cohort 16 Bonding Director, called the attention of the crowd as the clock hit 3:15. The ratio of BioScience students to DTech students wasn’t even, so teams would be split up by grade. As students shuffled to their section, program leaders asked the classes to cheer and held a mini trivia game. 

The first challenge arrived: a relay race coupled with blindfolded cornhole. Chants from the sidelines grew eager, each grade hoping to be louder than the others. First, teams strapped a teammate into a backboard and raced to the end of the grass, before sitting at a table to draw the DTech logo and once done, they hurried to the two-legged race, all while having fake blood squirted on them with spray bottles. 

The senior team held a large lead, hobbling to the end of the two-legged race before any of the other teams. They quickly finished their relay, having to pick up bones and bring them back to their teammates. Seniors were followed by the sophomores and finally, the juniors. They skidded on the floor, tripping more than once on the slippery fake blood. 

Blindfolded cornhole was the deciding moment of the game. Each team selected two players, one to guide the blindfolded player and one to throw. The cheers and encouragement reached a peak, before falling into either groans or screams when a team finally made it in.

The senior team took first place with 4,000 points, sophomores took second place with 2,000 points and juniors came in last with 500 points

Teams gathered to prepare for the next game: spike ball. Students interrogated each other on their spike ball skills before forming a team that satisfied them. Each team had two players and the first team to 11 would win. The players were concentrated, motivated by the whoops from their team.

The match to decide a spike ball champion was between the seniors and sophomores. Anticipation was visible in the crowd and nervousness was visible in the players. The game ended in a close 11-9 score, won by the seniors. 

A scavenger hunt was the following event, in which each team received clues about where 17 letters were hidden in the school. Once they found it, they would have to take a photo with it to verify it was the right one. After they found all of the letters, they had to figure out what phrase it spelled out to win.

After teams decided on a place to search, they sent a player to run there for the photo. Students sprinted throughout the school, making it look like a track meet. The seniors and juniors were neck-in-neck, while the sophomores struggled to find more than a few letters. 

Cole Dinkler

The juniors finally won and received 3,000 points. The seniors came in second, winning 1,000 points. Sophomores won last place and received no points. 

The only event where DTech and BioScience were separated into different teams was Capture the Flag. The quad quickly filled with players sprinting, tagging and doing flips over walls and bars. The game ended with no winner, as it had a time limit. 

The final game of the night was Jeopardy, with five categories. They were BioScience, DTech, Foothill Tech, teachers and pop culture themed. To answer, they had to slam a plastic limb on the ground, amusing the crowd. 

For the final round, BioScience teachers Mika Anderson and Dan Baker played alongside DTech teacher Kurt Miller. Questions about themselves and their programs were presented and they rushed to be the ones to answer. Jeopardy ended with a pop-culture question on Taylor Swift and the teams awaited the results of the event.

Sophomores came in last with 2,500 points, juniors came in second with 3,200 points and seniors won the entire game with a whopping 9,900 points. The senior huddle exploded and they held up the award, joyfully celebrating their win.

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