Boys’ soccer takes a tough loss on Senior Night


Ella Nicolle

The Foothill Tech boys varsity soccer team huddle up on senior night to prepare for the game. The atmosphere is excited yet tinged with sadness for the seniors’ last soccer season.

Nisha Reddy, Reporter

Number nine, Alex Loza ’22, walks back into action on the field after fighting for the ball with an opponent. (Ella Nicolle)

The winter wind blew lightly on the important night of Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) Dragon’s Senior Night game against the Bishop Diego High School Cardinals. The night started off with a line up of Dragon seniors walking through a line of their fellow players accompanied by family and friends. Each player held a bouquet of flowers and had a member of his family speak of the things that soccer had done for him through his high school career. 

After putting the flowers and tears to rest, the boys put their game faces on and had a long huddle to discuss their game plan to make this Senior Night one to remember. After huddling, the cheer went out for the Dragons and the game started with Foothill Tech getting the ball. 

Bryson Blevins ‘22 talked about the energy before the game by saying, “it was very high, it was senior night so we all had high energy.”

As the bats lightly fluttered around the stadium lights, the Dragons and Cardinals fought on. The ball moved drastically from one side to the other, each team getting shot attempts that went just past the nets. 

The Cardinals goalkeeper sent a ball high into the sky, landing right where they wanted it. They moved the ball down the field and to their side with difficulty, but with achievement, getting the ball to a player with a wide open shot. This opportunity was taken by the Cardinals for the first goal of the game.



The Dragon’s kept trying to pick up the pace, but the Cardinals wouldn’t let them have it. After an unintentional kick out of bounds, the Cardinals aggressively moved the ball down to the side of the field, setting up a shot and gradually making another goal after many shot attempts.

The game went on, Cardinals carrying on their momentum. The Dragons took many shot attempts, but were unsuccessful in changing the score on their behalf.  The half resulted in a 2-0 lead for the opponents as the game slowed to a stop. 

Jenna Ostrom

Coach Luis Sanchez reflected on the first half of the game, saying, “I think that two little mistakes is what cost the game to be where it was.” Right after, he stated, “[the] boys’ second half showed what kind of character they had.”

As the Dragons came back from their half time talk, the whistle blew and the game went on, high spirits for the Dragons. 

Foothill Tech worked on a big sequence with communication and teamwork, eventually getting the ball back to the their side, making an abundance of shot attempts until Diego Ocampo ‘22 powerfully shot the ball into the back of the goal, leaving the scoreboard at a score of 2-1, Cardinals in the lead with five minutes left. 

The Cardinals picked up their defense as the Dragons were determined to make one final goal. Many shot attempts went up, but unfortunately, the Dragons couldn’t squeeze a goal past the Cardinals before hearing the two whistles blow, ending the exciting Senior Night game with a score of 2-1, the Cardinals taking the game. 

Number 17, Tyler Reeder ’22, sprints down the field in hopes of scoring a goal while his teammates and opponents follow close behind. (Ella Nicolle)

Matheus Gamble ’24 reflected on the seniors leaving by saying, “I’m really sad because I was friends with a lot of them.” The sophomores and juniors on the team gave hugs to the seniors, sad feelings in the air and some tears as well.

Alex Loza ‘22 commented on the game by saying, “we made two silly mistakes in the first half, which unfortunately cost us the game. But in the second half it was a whole different story, we were motivated.”



Coach Sanchez ended the night by talking about his strong bond with the seniors, teary eyed and glad to have been their soccer coach. He gives out hugs to all of the players, and everyone leaves the field with heavy thoughts of memories and laughter leaning on their shoulders. The boys’ soccer Senior Night came to an end, a night that many of them will never forget. 


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