Girls’ soccer obliterates St. Bonaventure with a win on Senior Night


Quinn Kennedy

Foothill Tech’s varsity girls celebrate Senior Night and win.

Olivia Mowad, Reporter

Dragon’s spirits soared on the chilly night of Jan. 25 where the varsity girls soccer team was warming up for Senior Night. With tension in the air and the seniors striving to win the game, the first whistle signaled the start of a tenacious battle. 

The Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) Dragons kicked off first, and they promptly stopped St. Bonaventure from pushing down the field. Both teams hustled and continued at a stalemate for the first few minutes of the game. With a strong throw-in, the first shot on goal by Foothill Tech was created with a close miss. 

With a strong kick by the opposing goalkeeper starting off the play, fans rose for a better view of the field as the ball was barely caught by goalkeeper Natalie Jimenez ‘23, saving what would have been a detrimental goal. The ball was immediately kicked down the field for another shot attempt on goal, again missing by a hair. 

Soon after, the Foothill Tech defense kicked into action by creating a crucial turnover around midfield, and Taylor Liston ‘24 claimed possession. After laboring to push it up the field, the ball was kicked out of bounds, but the effort put in by Brooke McCarthy ‘22 raised morale in the crowd as well as for the players. 

More offensive attempts were made by the Dragons and an unbelievable effort put in by Shayna Dearman-So ‘24 left the girls close to the opposing goal with two minutes left in the first half. Suddenly, a strong kick left Riley Schneider ‘22 on the ground in pain creating a concerned atmosphere on the Dragon’s bench leading into the second half.

Foothill Tech started the second half strong offensively, and while shot attempts were made, none were close. That was until a foul was drawn by Rocky De Paz ‘22, earning them a penalty shot close to the goal. Claire Hernandez ’22 stepped up to take the penalty shot and put up the first point on the scoreboard at 1-0.

Foothill Tech player passes ball to teammate, determined to score. (Quinn Kennedy)

Soon after, the Foothill Tech girls gained possession again and a difficult shot by Liston duped the opposing goalie and added another point for the Dragons. To counter Foothill Tech’s goal, a steal by St. Bonaventure gained traction against the defense, and as they approached the goal, it was stolen from them again.

St. Bonaventure was forced back on defense when Schneider used immaculate footwork to eradicate anyone in her path. She contemplated this comeback by saying, “after getting back up, I knew this was our rival and since at halftime it was 0-0, I knew we had to come back and get a goal.” 

After a strong defense and a few saves by Foothill Tech’s goalkeeper, St. Bonaventure drew a foul close to the goal which was again saved. They remained in possession, taking several desperate shots.

As a last attempt to score, St. Bonaventure drew Jimenez out of the box, but she kicked it out just in time for the final whistle to blow, the Dragons taking the game 1-0. Maya Diaz ‘22 commented on one of her final games by saying, “for me, it is like my last game with my girls, so I want to have a good time and connect with them.” 

Coach Patty Gomez described the senior’s game by saying, “as a coach, we are just enjoying seeing them play their hearts out. Like when the seniors went in and made things happen, as a coach that is all you really want from them.”

In celebration of the seniors, heartfelt speeches were given by players on the team causing misty eyes in the stands. The seniors were showered in flowers as their coaches congratulated them and reminisced over their past season. 

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