Foothill Tech’s 2021 Spotify Wrapped



The overarching and accumulative event of the year for Spotify users has arrived. What does your Spotify Wrapped look like?

Emilie Huovinen, Writer

As we’ve been looking forward to 2021’s Spotify Wrapped, we all want to look back on our year and the memories we made. Spotify Wrapped is a collection of the top songs, artists and genres that a person listens to each year provided by the streaming platform Spotify. Music has become an important part in all of our lives: listening to it while doing homework, driving to school or just jamming to it in your free time. From different genres, bands and artists, the type of music one listens to can tell a lot about that person. So, what music did Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) listen to throughout the course of 2021?

The Foothill Dragon Press went out to do some interviews to answer this question.

Malia Sanchez
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