Boys’ water polo secures another win versus Villanova


Jenna Ostrom

The boys water polo team strategically setting up a shot that the opposing team, Villanova, is unable to block.

Jenna Ostrom, Videographer

Jenna Ostrom

Boys water polo secures another win, dominating Villanova 19-9. The team worked together to consistently score and block goals throughout the game, making it look effortless. With the end of the season approaching fast, the boys must get their heads in the game and develop a healthy yet successful competition mindset. “When we are messing around and talking during warm-up, it shows in the first quarter of the game,” says Levi Davis ‘22, “we don’t come out as strong.” This game is yet another victory under the belt of the boys’ water polo team that allows them to learn and perfect new strategies as CIFs approach.

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