New Spanish teacher, Isis Benitez, joins faculty


Quinn Kennedy

Foothill Tech welcomes new Spanish teacher, Mrs. Benitez to the faculty.

Noelle Villaseñor, Writer

After a year online and the arrival of new students, staff and teachers to campus, Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) is seeing many new faces as the 2021-2022 school year commences in-person.  One new addition to Foothill Tech’s teaching staff is Isis Benitez, the latest instructor to join the group of Spanish teachers in the school’s ‘H’ building. She comes to Foothill Tech with a clear, open mind, ready to share the joys and possibilities of learning the Spanish language with her students.

Benitez grew up in Oxnard and decided to pursue a career in graphic design, graduating from California State University Northridge (CSUN) with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a minor in Spanish. She interned as a graphic designer in Mexico City for Vogue Magazine, then returned to California to work with another publication, designing their advertisements and catalogs. 

Later, she decided to continue her education in hopes of becoming a teacher. After teaching Spanish to elementary, middle and high school students for several years, she applied to work in the Ventura Unified School District and landed in room H-108 as Foothill Tech’s newest Spanish instructor.

In Southern California, an area with a large Spanish-speaking population, “it’s important to be bilingual,” Benitez says, which was a factor in her decision to teach Spanish. “I want to bring more cultural awareness to my classes,” she adds, “for them to get to know a little bit more of the Hispanic culture.” She mentions that she wants her class to be a, “fun, safe learning environment,” for her students.

With the completion of the first week of school, the nervousness of arriving in a new learning environment has subsided for Benitez. “I was feeling a little overwhelmed,” she says, but currently she is, “very focused.” Her mindset is organized, and she finishes by saying, “I take it one day at a time and try not to stress.” 

Foothill Tech’s community wishes a warm welcome to every teacher who steps onto campus with a purposeful, positive attitude, and Señorita Benitez is no exception. “I’m looking forward to a wonderful year and getting to know all the teachers and students,” she concludes.

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