Optimistic athletes share their insight on the COVID-19 vaccine


Alivia Baker

Will sports make a full comeback? Writers Claire Hernandez and Cierra Marienthal elaborate on just how a COVID-19 vaccine might effect upcoming sports seasons, and the athletes participating.

With student athletes’ dreams for a 2021 season peaking, a shining hope arises as the COVID-19 vaccination succeeds in its distribution throughout the nation. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting the vaccine supposedly can, “help keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19.” Ventura County has started their process of distribution, now being in Phase 1B, teenagers will not have to wait much longer for their turn in Phase 2 which is set to begin on April 15. Luckily sporting games have already commenced, although heavily regulated with masks and smaller occupancy maximums.

Most athletes simply miss their team. Volleyball player Aubrey Mullin ‘22 says, “personally, I would get the vaccine if it meant that I could get to play with my team. I love my sport and my teammates have a good connection and I like having fun with them so yes I would get the vaccine if it meant I could play with them.” At times, athletes consider their teammate’s as family members. This vaccine has the potential to give these students a chance to play the sport they love with one another, free of social distancing and non-contact. 

Athletes are also weighing in on their thoughts of how the vaccine applies to their athletic careers. Basketball player Brian Holloway ‘21, says he would “definitely get the vaccine if that meant I could have the opportunity to play for Foothill [Tech] one last time.” This feeling is common among many senior athletes as they timidly begin their final high school seasons. 

He continues by adding, “this season means a lot to me as it’s the last time I have the opportunity to represent my school and play in my hometown before college. So I think if the opportunity presented itself I’d take it.” 

I think the sooner we get the vaccine the better, in order to contribute to keeping everyone around us healthy and safe.”

— Olivia Huynh '23

Dailyn Thompson ‘21 who plays softball says, “being a senior, I think it is still worth considering getting the vaccine, it would allow me to have a greater chance of experiencing things I may not get to without it such as a senior night game.”

This season is not what anyone was expecting. This pandemic has put a halt to many players’ dreams but the vaccine could be the light at the end of the tunnel for plenty of athletes such as Michael Hernandez ‘22 as he says, “I think that we have been in quarantine long enough and the effects seem minimal and I think everyone should be vaccinated.” 

All in all, this vaccine is giving most people a chance to start living again. Athletes at Foothill Tech have worked very hard to get to where they all are now.  Everyone has a different point of view on this vaccine going around, but one thing is certain, everyone wants things to go back to how they used to be. 

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