New assistant principal hopes to help Foothill grow

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New assistant principal hopes to help Foothill grow

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Carlos Cohen, one of Foothill's new assistant principals, poses in his office. Credit: Jackson Tovar/The Foothill Dragon Press.

Carlos Cohen, one of Foothill’s new assistant principals, poses in his office. Credit: Jackson Tovar/The Foothill Dragon Press.

After starting the Middle School Opportunity Program next to Foothill last year, Carlos Cohen realized he wanted to become more involved with the school.

“I have always worked for the best organizations possible. I know that here at Foothill, the environment is dedicated and hard-working, so I greatly appreciated that,” Cohen said.

Cohen is one of two new assistant principals at Foothill this year, the other being Bobbi Powers.

“I firmly, truly love people and believe in them. I’m here to support the teachers and students here on campus as much as I can, and I intend to help with whatever it takes to make Foothill grow even more as a school than it already is,” Cohen said.

Students who have met him on campus have already taken to his personality.

“Mr. Cohen is a very cool guy because he is friendly towards his students and he always has a smile on his face,” junior Elias Ontiveros said.

Ontiveros was not alone in his praise of Cohen.

“I think he’s a very positive role model and very professional,” geometry and calculus teacher Anthony Villa said. “I believe he will be very supportive towards Foothill, and he is already trying to learn as much as he can to do so.”

Cohen is grateful for the opportunity to work with the students and staff at Foothill.

“My first impressions of the students were that they were extraordinary. They were critical thinkers, very humorous, and articulate for their ages. As for the staff, I found they were very collaborative, open, welcoming, and supportive. I was blown away,” he said.

Before working at Foothill, Cohen had a variety of different jobs.

“In high school, I worked in the Los Angeles Zoo, a movie theater, and a deli. Afterwards, I joined the Marine Corps, where I became a communications electronics technician,” he said. “Later, I became a teacher at San Marcos High School where I taught several Advanced Placement courses.”           

Outside of school, Cohen’s life revolves around his family. He is also involved in several ministries at his church, and is a volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol.            

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