BREAKING NEWS: Email sent to Foothill parents and guardians detailing a credible threat made by a student


Jill Vallance

Email sent to parents and guardians regarding threat made by student.

Jill Vallance, Editor-in-Chief

On March 12, an email and phone call was sent out to parents and guardians of Foothill Technology High School (FTHS) students detailing a potential threat that was made by a student. Interim Principal James Edwards reassures in the email that students and staff are not in danger and will be safe attending school Friday, March 13.

“Upon learning of the threat, Foothill administrators immediately worked with the Ventura Police Department, the school’s Resource Officer, and the District office,” Edwards informed in the email.

The student in question was taken to the office where they remained under supervision. Amidst the investigation, the student was arrested.

The Administration can make no further comments regarding the student’s identity due to the student being a minor.

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