Girls’ tennis triumphs over rival school


Siena Hager

Noelle Hayward ’21 serves the ball

Claire Hernandez, Reporter

On the sunny day of Oct. 15, the Foothill Technology girls’ tennis team stepped off the courts satisfied with their win against Saint Bonaventure High School. With the Dragon-Seraph rivalry in full swing, the two schools battled it out, with Foothill closing it with a score of 11-7.

The Dragons’ were able to uphold their reputation, as the previous match against the Seraphs ended similarly. Coach Brad McClain reflected “last time we played them, we won 13-5, obviously today it was 11-7, a little bit closer, by the addition of that good singles player that they had, that changes things a bit.”

But the Dragons held their own with a solid singles line up of Noelle Hayward ‘21 (number one), Jolie Seemayer ‘21 (number two) and Clare Duganne ’22 (number three).

“Noelle, our number one player, was up 5-4 in the first set against [St. Bonaventure’s number one player], but it just didn’t go her way, but I was pleased,” McClain continues. With one loss right off the start, Hayward did not let this slip up get in her way of winning her next two consecutive sets, scoring 6-2 and 6-0.

Seemayer had a similar-looking score as Hayward, her first set winning 6-1, her second set lost with 3-6 and her third set beaming at 6-0. 

Clare Duganne also pulled ahead in her first two sets, scoring 6-1 and 6-4 wins, but a 1-6 loss in her last match.

She says she wants to improve on “consistency and footwork” with Coach McClain saying, “As a team, we need to serve better, we give up too many points in double faults.”



As for the doubles, scores faired well for Foothill additionally. The number one doubles team, consisting of Alyssa McClain and Ella Duganne, swept out their opponents, winning all three of their sets 6-0, 6-2 and another 6-0. 

McClain wasn’t surprised by their success: “The number one doubles team, they’ve done it all year long, they’ve been taking care of business winning all three matches, and that’s a real anchor for us.”

“We started and finished very strong, and then in the middle round, we played 500, and that’s okay. I’ll take a score like 11-7 any day.” Coach McClain added.

The tennis team will next match up against Thacher High School at their home courts.

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