Self-Care September: how students are dealing with health, school, personal lives


Kaelyn Savard

To maintain a good mental state, different students at Foothill have different techniques

Ethan Sequeira, Reporter

For the month of September, students at Foothill were interviewed on the subjects of how to take care of one’s well-being, state of mind, academics, social life and numerous extracurriculars. This is part of the theme of Self-Care September, a month dedicated to taking care of yourself. 

Nicholas Jordan ‘20 stated that while his classes have been challenging, they have been doable. 

Jordan lists the Foothill community as “very supportive and loving,” and believes that everybody has a spot.

According to Adithi Desham ‘21, “ this year has been rigorous and the intensity of this year went up really fast.” She mentioned that during her most stressful week, she had a test in all of her classes.  When not studying for tests Desham stated that she relaxes by either calling friends, watching T.V or going out with people. 

When it comes to balancing academics, sports, friends and others, Kai Wilkes ‘22 states that “ I am making school my number one priority as it must be completed, and [but] I am also balancing school, sports, family and friends.” He stated that his classes are a “ balance of hard work and fun” as his Spanish and art classes are more relaxing and slower-paced, while Mrs. Adam’s history course has been one of his more challenging classes due the grading and the large homework load. Wilkes, a member of the Bioscience academy, states that the labs that he does in the Academy are among his favorite projects this year.

The students of Foothill have methods to deal with their stress. As a way to stay on his sleep schedule, Jordan stated that “if I don’t finish an assignment the night before, I usually finish it during  FIRE or lunch.” 

Desham stated that “coffee has been her best friend,” and that she has maintained an “A” in all of her classes, so her method seems to be working fine. 

Wilkes stated that he is playing basketball for Foothill, just like last year, and he believes that playing a sport improves your high school experience, along with adding motivation to stay on top of your school work and other extracurricular activities.

As Foothill is considered a challenging school for its students due to the rigor of its academics, management friends, sports and other hobbies, many students are developing ways to stay on top of their work along with their state of mind and relaxation.

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