Grad Map 2019: Where are we going?

Jocelyn Brossia, Writer

As the school year comes to a close, Foothill’s class of 2019 prepares to graduate. All throughout the United States and some even on performing on cruise ships, our student body prepares to travel far and wide. Click on pinpoints on the map above to view each location name, followed by the name(s) of the students who will be starting the next chapter of their life at this location.

Below we include plans of students which cannot accurately be pinpointed on our interactive map:

Noelle Basta / Professional ice skating performance with Royal Caribbean International

Bridget Davenport / Professional ice skating performance with Oasis of the Seas Cruise Line

Sasha Clark / Travel throughout Europe and Asia

David Holt / United States Marine Corp

Ian Ingram / United States Air Force

Samantha Martinez / United States Air Force

Olivia Martinez / United States Navy

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