Weather 101: Storm Watch


Jonathan Soriano

Weather 101, an update on California’s frequent rainfall.

Thomas Weldele, Writer

Nature is now liberally giving what it once had taken from California. Especially throughout this winter, California has received an enormous amount of rain, even more so when considering the drought that the state is recovering from. And the rain isn’t stopping yet.

Due to a series of atmospheric rivers in the Pacific Ocean, California is expected to receive an unusually wet week in May. From May 16 to May 22, California is forecasted to receive up to double its monthly rainfall, a true blessing for a state that has only just started to shake off the effects of a drought.

California generally does not receive rain during May. However, the formation of a jet stream allowed for the atmospheric rivers to form and dump both rain and snow throughout California, both of which are setting records.

In the first atmospheric river, Ventura has received about a half an inch of rain, with more rain hopefully on the horizon.

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