News Brief: School of Choice window opens


Noelle Hayward, News Reporter

Starting Jan. 18, Ventura Unified School District (Ventura Unified) has opened its School of Choice (SOC) window until Feb. 1 at 4 p.m. For two weeks annually, Ventura Unified students and parents are able to apply to schools around the district that “they feel will most benefit their child,” according to the Ventura Unified website.

Foothill’s Secretary Debbie Smith stated that to apply, a prospective Foothill student must “fill out a form sent out by the district.”

After the cutoff date, all forms are sent to the district offices, where a completely randomized, unbiased lottery will take place; students are not admitted through “a first come, first serve basis,” according to Ventura Unified.

Smith said that Foothill will probably receive an average of 550 applications, only some of which will be accepted depending on the class size or limit. Additionally, Smith clarified that although they are guaranteed a spot at the school, younger siblings of current students are still required to fill out an SOC form.

The form, which can be used to apply to any school in the district that does not exceed enrollment capacity, can be found inside of the Foothill office, or at any other school in the district. It can additionally be downloaded digitally on the Ventura Unified website.

Smith recommends that every student applies, despite whether or not their “friends are going to go to another high school.” In the end, Smith asks, “what does it hurt to apply?”

She recommends for students considering Foothill to submit an application, because they “always have a chance of changing [their] mind.”

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