No stress or expectations at senior Thanksgiving potluck


Seniors had a slew of options as a result of the potluck-style dinner. Credit: Jill Vallance / The Foothill Dragon Press

Jill Vallance

On Friday night, Spirito Hall was illuminated with laughter, booming voices and good spirits during the eighth annual Thanksgiving Senior Potluck.

After a dinner of Thanksgiving food brought by the Class of 2018, such as turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, rolls and cranberries, students enjoyed a variety of festive Thanksgiving desserts and had an opportunity to bond with their classmates.

Associated Student Body (ASB) adviser Melanie Lindsey accredited the original idea of the potluck to former ASB president Trevor Kirby as a desire to bring seniors together.



Jackson Beckendorf said that even though the event “makes [him] feel a lot closer to people,” it still causes “pre-nostalgia,” a shared trait with his fellow classmates.

“We aren’t going to see each other again for a very long time, maybe not at all, so I think that this time to bond and see each other [and to] really get to know each other for the last time is [important],” Alexandra Avila ‘18 said.

Despite that fact, Avila does not worry about missing her peers.

“If you keep close connection to everybody, it’s going to feel like you are still with them,” Avila said.



Regardless of current grades, college stress or friend feuds, the Class of 2018 was able to join together for the start of their last holiday season together.

“The holiday Thanksgiving is to give thanks for what you have, a time to come together,” teacher Justin Frazier said. “It’s just a nice place where there’s no stress and there’s no expectations. […] The sole purpose is to spend time together.”


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