Environmental club members “plant the seed” of their environmental legacy at Anacapa Island


Students garden on Anacapa Island. Credit: Noah Hilles / The Foothill Dragon Press

Mayzee Oakes

For the first time in two years, Foothill’s Environmental Club had the opportunity to go to Anacapa Island to restore and rehabilitate habitats on Friday Nov. 17.

At 6:45 a.m., students going on the trip hustled onto a bus to Oxnard Harbor. From there, they took a 14-mile boat ride to the island. Once they arrived, they received a tour of the island and explored the national park.

In the past, students have removed ice plant on the island, but on this trip, the students planted species native to the island.

Club President Vineta Sondors ‘18 said the students were participating in this “restoration work to restore the island back to its natural and historic environment.”

Sondors and club adviser Josiah Guzik have high hopes that what they planted will continue to regenerate for years to come.

However, the expedition was not only beneficial for the environment. The club members were able to bond throughout the day during the activities, said Sondors. Additionally, this trip revealed some career opportunities that students may have a desire to pursue in the future.

The environmental club has a large following at Foothill, but Patagonia stickers are not the only reason students are involved with the club. Sondors said that these students are striving to improve their environment and passionate about the community and the Earth.

“[It is] important to [students] when it comes to the environment, but I think overall we all have an appreciation for nature, […] being outside and […] really understanding what it means to be environmentally conscious,” she said.


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