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Navigating the array of clubs at Foothill

Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press

With all the hectic excitement of Club Rush, it is possible you might have missed a booth or not gotten as much information about a certain club as you wanted to. Foothill has a plethora of clubs and interest groups for every type of person and it may be difficult to sort them all out. Bearing that in mind, compiled here is an in depth guide to Foothill’s expansive clubs.


Environmental Club: Vineta Sondors ‘18, president of the Environmental Club said the main goal of Environmental Club “is to encourage students that are like-minded—have a passion about the environment—to meet together, make new friends, and offer them plenty of volunteer opportunities.” Teacher Josiah Guzik claims it is “the most active club on Foothill’s campus.”

Students involved in Environmental Club have the chance to participate both inside and outside of school, with activities such as helping maintain Foothill’s garden and compost system, garden parties, fundraisers, beach clean ups and trips to Anacapa Island. The club donates 50 percent of produce from their garden to the school cafeteria and volunteers with iMatter, a group dedicated to helping Ventura create a climate plan. Environmental Club holds meetings in Guzik’s classroom every Wednesday.

Girl Up: Girl Up, according to their president Maizie Anders ‘18, “is a United Nations run program that educates and advocates for women’s rights in other countries.” Last year, Girl Up raised over $500, which went towards girls who couldn’t afford an education. They have also raised awareness around Foothill about girls’ living conditions around the world and in the United States. Girl Up will be held in Teacher Claire Adams’ classroom every Tuesday.

KIWIN's Club recruits new members at Club Rush. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press
KIWIN’s Club recruits new members at Club Rush. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press

Habitat for Humanity: Sowon Lee ‘19 is the president of the Habitat for Humanity club. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that raises money to build homes for low-income families. Foothill’s club does most of their work outside of the meetings, because their purpose is to get more people involved in the actual building process.

Lee believes that the club is a “rewarding experience because you’re not only building homes for these families who aren’t getting enough in their income, but you’re also building a stability in their future.” Lee presides with Sofia Sanchez ‘19. There are officer positions open for those interested. The club meets in teacher Emily Hunt’s room one Friday a month, starting Sept. 29.

Human Rights: Come to the Human Rights Club if you want to “discuss about social issues in our society,” club president Denise Castro ‘19 said. They want to keep the environment of the club open and uncensored. The Human Rights Club is run by Castro and Gianni Mendez ‘19, but they intend to treat each other equally, with no one person having power over the other. Meetings are Wednesdays and Fridays in Teacher Tera Creech’s room.

KIWIN’s: KIWIN’S Club meets every week to talk about community service in and around Ventura. Giovanni Recinos ‘18, the club’s president, said that the club exists for people to “help the community while also having fun.” The club also hosts fun events, for example, they are going to Knottsberry Farm in November. KIWIN’S meets in Creech’s classroom every Tuesday.

We Club: We Club “is a community based club, where at every meeting you get community service hours just for attending the meetings,” vice president Vanessa Luna ‘19 said. Each month the club chooses a different topic to focus on. This month’s focus is disaster relief: the club will be raising funds for Hurricane Harvey survivors. Club meetings are held Tuesdays in Schmitt’s room.


Chess:  Teacher Wayne Powers, the adviser for Chess Club, said “it’s mostly for kids that just like to play chess.” Last year the club held a few tournaments, but was mostly just a chill area to play chess. Tyler Herzog ‘18 is the president of this club. They meet on Fridays in Powers’ classroom.

Dance Club showing off their splits at Club Rush. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press
Dance Club showing off their splits at Club Rush. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press

Dance Club: Dance Club invites everyone interested to come learn new moves, learn from guest instructors and just dance! The club is run by Kai Miyashiro ‘19, Summer Stetson ‘18 and Ashley Pereda ‘18. Miyashiro expects the club to be “performing at back to school night and other events like that, and hopefully during lunch time.” She hopes to show the school the dancing side of Foothill and provide students a place to have fun and dance. Meetings are in the black box on Fridays.   

Drama Club: Drama Club, a part of Foothill’s Drama Department, puts on the two annual plays along with participating in various drama activities around Ventura. This year, however, the club will only be be producing one play. In place of the typical second one, they will be entering a drama competition at California State University Fullerton.

In meetings, you can expect to find students “working on improv, or if anyone wants to work on public speaking,” they work on that as well, according to co-president Lily Hargett ‘18. Hargett shares presidential duties with Annie Castañeda ‘18. Hargett said the club is a place for “people of different cliques and groups,” where “anyone can have fun and can express themselves.” Drama Club meets every other Wednesday in Teacher Sarah Page’s room.

Game Design Club: Game Design Club, run by Sinjin Serrano ‘18, Tyler Herzog ‘18, Cayla Clark ‘18 and Jayden Vea ‘18, is “meant for any people interested in games.” Whether it be board games, card games or video games, whether you are a beginner or someone with years of experience, this club welcomes you.

Glee Club and Drama Club at Club Rush. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press
Glee Club and Drama Club at Club Rush. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press

“Anybody who’s ever wanted to make a game should definitely check out this club,” Serrano said. The club wants “to make people excited about unleashing their creativity.” Game Design Club meets in Teacher Rick Villano’s room Tuesdays at lunch.

Glee Club: Yoanna Soliman ‘19 started Glee Club after having the idea since freshman year. Similar to the television show “Glee,” Glee Club is a show choir dedicated to singing and dancing. While Ventura Unified School District has an all-district choir, Soliman wanted something for just Foothill students. The club plans to be ready to perform at an elderly home during the holiday season and at Air Guitar by the end of the year.

“Anyone can join,” Soliman stated, “the only requirement is they must love singing, and they can’t judge other people.” There is no audition to join, Soliman will simply test students’ range of singing once they are signed up. Soliman is president and there are other positions available for this year. Students who have a passion for singing should go to teacher Kathy Leaf’s classroom on Fridays.

Running Girls Club: The Running Girls Club was started by girls from the Cross Country team and is a place where the girls of the team discuss running. The club is ran by the seniors on the team. Elizabeth Egbert ‘18 said the atmosphere of the club is “a little serious at first because we have to discuss team stuff, but it’s pretty chill.” To meet with the running girls, go to teacher Jason Dinkler’s at lunch on Wednesday.


Anime: Foothill’s Anime Club is a place where people gather to watch anime chosen by the other members of the club, to read manga and connect with other people. Anime club is ran by Allison Sim ‘20, along with Tyler Crane ‘18 and Gillian Mencher ‘20. Sim feels that the anime club wants to tell people who feel shunned for watching anime and reading manga that “it’s okay, there are other people like them, who connect that way.” Anime Club meets every Thursday, except the first Thursday of the month, in D-108, teacher Richard Geib’s classroom.

Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press
Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press

Art: Art Club is “a mixture of art appreciation, forming art and doing community service involving art,” said co-president Noel Domke ‘18. They help with Foothill’s annual art show and they volunteer at Dorothy Boswell School. This year, the club is going to experiment with guided art lessons from Frazier. Domke presides with her sister Lane Domke ‘18. Meetings are held in teacher Justin Frazier’s room on Mondays.

Culinary : Jake Ayers ‘19, the president of the Culinary Club, said the club is a place to bring homemade food, sit down and share it, and “have a good ol’ time.” This year the club is considering making a club cookbook. Open positions for this year are vice president, secretary and treasurer. Ayers encouraged joining for “free food, and you just get to hang out.” The club meets in teacher Spencer Kellogg’s on Fridays.

Dragon Chef: Dragon Chef, based on the television show “Master Chef,” is a club that assigns a specific food item for members to make and bring into meetings and the food items get critiqued. Judges will be president Fatima Flores ‘18, vice president Rosa Soto ‘18, secretary Jazmine Razo ‘18 and treasurer Leslie Roman ‘18. Bringing food is not mandatory. If you want, you can simply go to enjoy the food and good company. Meetings are on Fridays in Teacher Adrian Sanchez’s room.

K-Pop: In K-Pop Club, students can watch videos, listen to music and have discussions all related to K-Pop music. Rebecca Camarillo ‘18, Marilyn Baez ‘18 and Kelley Urrutia ‘18 are the founding members of this club. It is the place to stay updated about this style of music. K-Pop club meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in Hunt’s classroom.

K-Pop Club is a brand new club this year. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press
K-Pop Club is a brand new club this year. Credit: Abigail Massar / The Foothill Dragon Press

Mindfulness: Mindfulness Club is a place for “learning different techniques to practice mindfulness,” said club president Enkela Qoshlli ‘18. This includes learning to meditate, how to be present in the moment and how to channel thoughts in a positive way. The club is run by Qoshlli and vice president Jocelyn Brossia ‘19. They meet the first Tuesday of each month in teacher Colleen Malone’s room, in addition to holding activities outside of school such as sunrises in Ojai.

Prickly Pear: Prickly Pear Outdoor Adventure Club, as president Sean Ward ‘18 puts it, is all about “bringing a community of Foothill kids together who really want to join and learn more about the outdoors.” Ward and Lily Armstrong ‘18, are the presidents of the club. Their goal is to help students learn to enjoy the outdoors and all there is to love about it, even if they aren’t outdoors-y people. The club meets in teacher Brooke Schmitt’s room Thursdays at lunch.

Sci Fi/Fantasy: Emma Gill ‘21, the president of Sci Fi/Fantasy, thinks students should join the club because “it’s really fun, and we get to fangirl over movies.” Each meeting, they watch movies under the genre of sci fi/fantasy and discuss their thoughts and feelings about them. The club gathers every Tuesday in teacher Kristen Pelfrey’s classroom.

“The” Club: “The” Club is not a club for people of any specific group. It is a place with “all different kinds of people. We’re not all involved in drama, or involved in environmentals, or anything crazy specific. We just all want to be here together having a great time,” president Anna Pyron ‘19 said. This club is different from every other club because it consists of anyone who wants to have fun, they don’t need to be interested in any specific topic. Abby Sourwine ‘19 and Jack Vielbig ‘19 are the vice presidents of the club. Meetings will be filled with food, games, discussion and simply getting to know each other. They will be held Thursdays in the Black Box.


Prom Committee:  Juniors and Seniors! This is your chance to get involved in your own prom. Prom Committee is where you can voice your opinions about prom and discuss and vote on issues relating to prom. The Associated Student Body (ASB) will gather input and make sure prom goes the way you want it. Meetings will take place in Melanie “Captain” Lindsey’s classroom once a month.

Senior Focus Council: Senior Focus Council is a way for seniors to give their input on topics affecting them such as graduation, t-shirts and more. The council votes and senior class president Olivia Morales ‘18 and vice president Julia Fickenscher ‘18, respectively, take the votes into account when making certain decisions. “We’re just trying to get as many people as possible to turn up,” Morales said. Meetings are held in Lindsey’s classroom one Friday a month.

Spirit Team: Have you ever thought that Foothill needed more school spirit? Alaina Hooks ‘18, the director of the Dragon Athletics Council, is here to help. She created the FTHS Spirit Team to “get a group of people that are really excited about sports and really excited about school spirit.” Getting involved with the team is a way to show you love your school. Meetings are held in Lindsey’s room every other Thursday.

Student Focus Council: ASB President Bridget McGuire ‘18 said that Student Focus Council was made “to discuss events that happened prior and are going to happen in the future regarding ASB.” The Council meets quarterly so ASB can gather student feedback from students throughout the entire school and make Foothill a better place. This gives students a place to actively voice their opinions and participate in decisions made about it. Claire Renar ‘19 runs the council. Their quarterly meetings will take place towards the beginning of each quarter and the middle of the first quarter in Lindsey’s classroom.


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Navigating the array of clubs at Foothill