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Transcending persons and parties

Credit: Jordyn Savard / The Foothill Dragon Press

This country—this great, special country—is freedom. And freedom is inimitable. Freedom is an eagle’s ability to fly high, silent against the wind, and touch the sky. The transcendental cords of freedom stretch from every forsaken battlefield to every American heart. This is what it means to be an American; not what we have now, which manifests a great ocean split in two.

Politically, there are highly intelligent and incredibly dumb people on both sides. Whether someone is left or right on the political aisle is irrelevant and unnecessarily labelled and stigmatized. It should be more about having a sophisticated view of the world, seeing things as they are and actually putting in the effort to change what’s wrong.

Nobody should stringently attach themselves to a party. We can’t be a divided republic, each side under its own leader, each side submitting the entirety of its opinions to the creed of its party.

Much more important than trying to dismantle the opinions you disagree with is to show the merit in your own opinions. This, rather than attempting to disfigure the other party.

It’s about giving loyalty to parties when they deserve it, and not when they don’t. It’s about an allegiance always to one’s country, if not to its government. It’s about doing what’s right because it’s right.

Above any labelled party or representative figure is truth, logic and cognition. There are too many people who just regurgitate the party line and are devoid of their own ideas.

Most importantly, the people at the head of each party do not represent the principles, opinions or values of the American people who strap the party’s tag over their heart.

Nobody should “belong” to a party. Nobody should “belong” to anything, or be associated with anything besides themselves. Everyone should be an individual, harvesting their own thoughts and reaping the implications of those thoughts for themselves. As soon as one “belongs” to a party, their independent thought is halted.

We can’t seek the Republican answer, or the Democratic answer: we must seek the right answer. Neither party is comprehensively “correct,” and in fact both parties have enjoyed their little thread of successes in the time since they were begun; of course, this affluence has only lasted until its flaws became clear again. Really, that’s all it is. It’s whoever can fake it the longest, but in actuality it’s about the American people and the common ground that we stand upon.

You can’t change your principles for the sake of a party. Find a balance where all of your thoughts and opinions are indelibly your own. Read often, and seek to understand things for what they mean to you; it is said that all one must do to become an expert on any given subject is read three books about it (the definition of an expert, in this case, is being more proficient in a subject than 99% of people.)

Democracy is far from perfect. In fact, it’s the worst form of government besides every other form of government in the history of the world.

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Transcending persons and parties