BREAKING: Bridget McGuire, Claire Renar win positions in ASB election


Anna Lapteva


On Tuesday Feb. 21, students voted for their Associated Student Body (ASB) President as well as their ASB Vice President. Claire Renar ‘19 and Alaina Hooks ‘18 competed for the position of Vice President and Bridget McGuire ‘18 ran unopposed for the position of President.

During the 2017-2018 school year, Renar and McGuire will be serving as Vice President and President, respectively.

Due to her running without an opponent, McGuire feels that “there may have been a lack of spirit,” but during her presidency, she plans on encouraging healthy competition that will promote school spirit.

Her main provisions include motivating and inspiring students, bringing the school together and creating “more of a sense of family and community at Foothill.”

“Not everything can happen in one year,” McGuire said. “What I’m planning to do is starting a trend of unity rather than segregating people based on what they do.”

Under the position of Vice President, Renar plans to voice the opinions of students that go unheard and promote “positive change around campus.” She plans to create invoice boxes that give an opportunity for students to “anonymously speak their opinions on events happening around school.”

Renar’s main goal for the next school year is to “make a commitment to reach out to students” and to “get the incoming class to see what Foothill really stands for.”

She also plans to engage students in school events and not have students feel suppressed from being involved in different clubs or programs that are offered at Foothill.

“I have so many ideas I’m considering bringing to this upcoming school year,” Renar said. “Everything I do, it will be for the benefit of the students.”

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