Girls’ basketball “never let up” in final home game 57-12


Credit: Grayson McCoy / The Foothill Dragon Press

Kathryn Brandi


For Coach Jason Edgmond, the Foothill girls’ basketball team played well because the team “jumped on them early and defensively never let up.”

The Dragons competed on their home court against La Reina High School on Thursday night for their final home game of the league season, crushing the Regents 57-12.

The referee dropped the ball as Abby Sourwine ‘19 and an opposing player jumped to try and win the ball for their team. Sourwine won possession for the Dragons, proclaiming the start to the game.

Within the first thirty seconds of the game, Sourwine scored the first point, giving the Dragons an initial lead over the Regents. The Dragons scored nine consecutive points until the Regents scored two points for their team, setting a score of 9-2. The teams battled back and forth until the first quarter ended with a Foothill lead of 11-6.


Emiline Bova ‘19 felt that the team was able to snag an early lead due to their teamwork and ability to “move the ball quickly.”

Although Abby Bova ’19 agreed that the team moved the ball quickly, she felt that the team’s unforced errors and “sloppy” passes affected their game. She believes that if the team can limit those mistakes during their games, then they will be able to reach higher success.

“Even though we passed, and moved the ball around a lot, we like had a few sloppy passes here and there which we really could have gotten rid of,” Abby Bova said.


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Annika Kinnaman ’19 passed the ball to Cydnie Gutierrez ’19, signaling the start to the second quarter. Miscommunication errors lead to a struggle at the beginning of the quarter for the Dragons. Emiline Bova’s attempt to pass the ball was intercepted, however she redeemed herself by earning the rebound off her opponent’s attempted shot.

Midway through the quarter, Madeline Ozbourn ‘19 had a break away. She scored, continuing the Dragon’s lead with a score of 15-6. The Dragons scored eight consecutive points and Abby Bova scored the last point of the half to bring the game to a score of 26-7, expanding her team’s lead.  

Abby Bova felt that the team’s improvements throughout the season were displayed throughout the first half. She thinks that the team has struggled with defense in the past but has improved throughout the season.

“We’re staying in front of the girls dribbling more and putting more pressure on them which is a big thing for us,” she said.

Annika Kinnaman agrees. She believes that the team has become “more aggressive and more up in the other team’s face.” She believes that the team played “a fast game” and she hopes that the team will continue to keep a fast pace throughout their CIF games.



The tone of the second half was set as Kinnaman passed the ball into the court and then scored the first point of the third quarter for the Dragons. After scoring three points for her team, Gutierrez went for the rebound and scored two more points for the Dragons. She was immediately fouled and she shot the free throw, earning another point and bringing her team to a 34-7 lead over the Regents.  

Kinnaman believes that the team worked hard throughout the third quarter and that they all had small “individual successes” that led to overall success with the team as a whole. She feels that the team’s progress throughout the season is attributed to their ability to gel as a cohesive team.

“I think we’ve all just gotten a lot closer and have gotten to know each other’s styles,” Kinnaman said. “Overall we’re just playing a lot more fluid on offense, we know the offense better and our defense learned to play really aggressive. So I’m really proud of that.”

The fourth quarter began with another Foothill basket scored by Katie Bova ’19. The Dragons continued to dominate the game within the fourth quarter by scoring twelve consecutive points. The game came to close and the Dragons won 57-12.

According to Kinnaman, “It was a good game for us. It wasn’t one of our better games but we played solid all around. There’s definitely things that we could’ve improved on but overall it was a good game.”

Emiline Bova felt that the team also played well, but could have played better. While she enjoys winning, she doesn’t “like blowing teams out by a lot because it’s not as fun as like having the intensity of being a really close game.” Instead, she enjoys the games that have a bigger crowd and higher energy.


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The team has an overall record of 15 wins and six losses and dominated their league with a record of nine wins and zero losses. Because the Dragons won their league, they will be advancing on to CIF and will receive a home game for round one.

Edgmond believes that the team has made “vast improvements” and has “gotten better from day one.” He feels that the team is prepared for CIF and will work hard to prepare for their upcoming games.

“We’re going to work hard in practice. We’re hoping to bring in some boys to scrimmage us and you know get after us a little bit and try to get real physical and play fast,” he said. “We’re just going to work hard.”

Edgmond is ready for CIF and hopes that family, friends, and classmates will come to their CIF game because he feels that the team “[needs] everybody to come to the game and support the girls.”


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