Silver Swans share their deepest “Secrets”

Taylor Kennepohl

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Silver Swans' newest album, "Secrets" was released in November 2010. Credit: Tricycle Records.

Silver Swans’ newest album, “Secrets” was released in November 2010. Credit: Tricycle Records.

If you’ve ever wondered what a dream sounds like, then “Secrets” by American electro-pop band, Silver Swans, gives you the chance to find out.

A well hidden treasure of the music industry, Silver Swans formed in 2007, taking their name from Wonderwoman’s comic book rivals, three silver swans that could protect themselves, or level entire buildings with the sheer power of their voices.

Comprised of lead vocalist Ann Yu and instrumental genius Jon Waters, the duo released their five-song EP album, “Secrets” in November of 2010.

As a throwback from her days of singing in the alternative group, LoveLikeFire, Yu really utilizes her ambient vocals, that blends occasionally with reflection , but is at its most formidable when left clean and allowed to retain it’s whisper-like quality.

“Secrets”,sweet-talks your subconscious with promises of soft sleep and montages of wintery woods. With songs driven by slick guitar riffs, electronic drum kits, and far away cello and violin, its sometimes hard to decide whether or not to lay down and stare at the trees and sky or slow dance with a loved one in a dim concert hall.

Tracks like “Let Me Know Now” and “Best Friend in Love” shine both for their  display of all of the vulnerable and extremely potent attributes of their music, while retaining a relatively upbeat rhythm and overall mood.

The only real issue I see with their album is that the quality of the selection is largely consistent and the flow of tracks is pleasant, but their song “Meet Me Somewhere Nice” was a strange and rather mismatched addition to “Secrets”, an inconsistency that they can’t afford on such a concise album.

However, Yu’s  daydreaming, smoky, vocals and Waters’ natural instrumentation with sharp electronic contrast more than make up for their odd ending track.

I can confidently say that the Silver Swans live up to their name, and are indeed a force to be reckoned with in their genre. I give this album an 8 out of 10.

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