Editorial: Journalists’ opinions are not the Dragon Press’


An opinion article is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “an article in which the writer expresses their personal opinion, typically one which is controversial or provocative, about a particular issue or item of news.” Concerning opinions, the Dragon Press Editorial Review Board has voted 10-1 to publish the editorial that follows.

Not all members of the Dragon Press or of the Dragon Press Editorial Review Board agree with “Cultural appropriation is over-hyped at Foothill,” not all of us agree with “Seconds with Sienna: Understanding Privilege” and not all of us are in consensus about this controversial issue or any issue brought to attention by a Dragon Press opinion article. An opinion article reflects the opinion of a single individual on staff, not the opinion of the entire publication.

The Foothill Dragon Press defends the right of these journalists to publish their opinions which, although controversial, reflect the opinions of some portions of the student body.

It is the right of each opinion writer to express their views so long as they do so without infringing upon the legal rights of others. The same right is afforded to individuals in the comment section, as the Dragon Press is a public forum.

The comments on this site have no affiliation to the Dragon Press, as current staff members are not allowed to comment on articles. Any comment that has been filtered was deleted due to its failure to comply to the Foothill Dragon Press comment policy.

The Foothill Dragon Press is not one uniform entity. It is made up of a group of students with a diverse range of opinions on political, social and ideological issues. The opinion and A&E sections are the places where journalists can express their opinions, while the rest of the publication strives to remain unbiased.

In past cases, the Dragon Press has taken a stance on controversial topics. On this occasion, we will not. However, we defend the freedom of speech that all people have the right to.

What do you think?