Parents and teachers come together for Back to School Night (11 photos, video)

Emma Kolesnik

Credit: Chloey Settles/The Foothill Dragon Press
Physics and Chemistry teacher John Weldele gave parents his 10-minute presentation to help familiarize them with the general idea of the class. Presentations like this occurred all over campus, September 30, 2014. Credit: Chloey Settles/The Foothill Dragon Press

Foothill was flooded with excited parents, students, and teachers Tuesday evening for the annual Back to School Night.

Back to School Night is an event put on by the Foothill Associated Student Body (ASB) with the purpose of uniting and introducing teachers and parents.

“Back to School Night is an opportunity for the parents to come to school and get a taste for what their children’s schedules are like and […] get a sense of what their teachers are all about,” said ASB president and senior Evan Askar.

“They can get an idea of what the curriculum is, [and] the things that their children will be learning.”

The night started out with dinner and student entertainment. The parents were able to buy food tickets in advance or at the event itself. The options available were hot dogs, tri tip, and a vegetarian barbeque.

After the dinner, parents began their 10-minute meetings with the teachers.


“My purpose [for Back to School Night] is to introduce myself as a human and how I work with the students,” said US History teacher Dan Fitz-Patrick.

“Not necessarily talking about my grading scale or a tardy policy or a homework policy, but who I am in 10 minutes. I try and sell myself to get them to trust, believe and work with me.”

After the first half of meetings with teachers, parents had the option to help themselves to coffee and baked goods in the quad. In addition, they were able to make donations to the Booster Club to help with school organizations such as Speech and Debate, journalism, and sports.

At the end of the night parents said they were very pleased with the experience of Foothill, and loved the current environment.

“I wish they had something like this when I was going to school. It’s a very good learning environment. I feel like they have some really great teachers here,” said Martin Rodriguez, parent to Jared, Wiley, and Skylar Rodriguez.

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Background Photo Credit: Chloey Settles/The Foothill Dragon Press


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