Rennaissance Rally: A Celebration of Academics

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Foothill Technology High School’s campus was full of smiling students celebrated their good grades during the hour and a half Renaissance rally. Students enjoyed a free Italian meal, jousted with teachers and raced each other through a Jurrasic themed obstacle course.

“Renaissance Fridays are really fun and the food is amazing” said sophomore Sarah Levesque.

The pasta, bread and salad was well received by everyone, except the school’s vegetarians.

“Underneath the sign ‘veggie’ they had pasta with meat in it. When I said ‘I see meat in there’ they said ‘yeah we don’t have any vegetarian,’ ” explained senior Shannon Giammichele as she held a plate with only a salad and a piece of bread.

When asked their favorite part of the day Christina DiBernardo and Jennifer Lundberg responded in unison, “Longer lunch!”

But food wasn’t the only feature event of the Rennaissance Rally.It was a day filled with battles. Students battled teachers and each other in everything from tug-a-war to jousting.

The tug-a-war games were filled with tension. When an all boys team representing physics classes beat the team representing physiology, senior Jake Garnett said it was an unfair battle.

“I feel we were disadvantaged. We are a more genderly (sic) acceptable team so we win in the heart.”

In other games of tug-a-war, males won against females, students who supported Buena beat those who stand by Ventura, and football players triumphed over water polo.

On other parts of the campus battles and races were done on inflatable structures.

Teacher Rick Villano was one of the teachers to battle the students in jousting.

“I’ve only played like three minutes and I’m already winded. I’m 1-1. I’m gonna win this next one,” he said right before playing again- and winning.

But aside from the smaller victories, the teachers weren’t able to beat the students in tug-a-war. Teachers Heather Ferris and Justin Frazier joked that the loss was due to the fact that they were supervising another event.

“We weren’t in the tug-a-war games. We would have won if we were.”

While students on Renaissance celebrated outside, students in the Flight program were inside Spirito Hall in their own Olympic themed rally. They watched motivational videos, had root bear floats, and received awards for grade improvements, good attendance, and teachers’ choices.

The Flight program started last year to motivate students who are earning less than a 3.0 GPA.

Teacher Ryan Duston, who spoke at the event, was a carrier of the Olympic torch in 1996 and had the torch with him as he spoke. Students were able to look at it and hold it, as well. “Mrs. Duston had Mr. Prewitt and I talk about our Olympic experiences. A true Olympic experience has struggle and triumph” said Duston.

There were also medals for students who improved their GPA or had good attendance and special medals were given to students by specific teachers for special achievement in their classes.

One student, Ciana Iverson, received three medals and had tears in her eyes when she received one of her awards.

“Mrs. Wantz chose me because I’m a good writer,” she said. “I wrote this whole allegory, and I worked really hard on it, and I liked that she saw potential in it. I don’t normally show my writing to anyone, so it’s cool she noticed. It was fun.”

“She’s an all-star, you can quote that,” chimed in Tiana Cohen, one of her friends.

After the rally students who had received medals could join the fun of the Renaissance Rally.

On the stage, students danced for prizes and played games against teachers.

Students left the rally wishing it had lasted longer as the bell rang at 12:40, marking the start of fifth period and the end of the event.

Photos by Karmen Fernandez-Johnston and Elizabeth Roemisch, The Foothill Dragon Press.

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