It’s Kroll and Bains for ASB 2010-2011


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Jackie Kroll was elected ASB president for the 2010-11 school year.







Foothill students have voted and the results are in.  The 2010-2011 ASB president will be junior Jackie Kroll. Junior Suhkpreet Bains has been chosen as vice president.

Online voting took place on February 10 and 11 with candidates campaigning all through last week. The electronic ballots were tabulated early Saturday morning.

Junior Kaval Ali campaigned against Kroll for the ASB president position. With posters, stickers, and T-shirts both candidates made sure to get thier names out.

Ali was confident in her leadership skills stating, “I have a lot of leadership experience and insight on what people want.

Kroll was also very confident in her ability to lead, saying, “I will do the job to the best of my abilities.” She stressed she was a different kind of leader, stating, “I’m more focused and I like to lead by example.”

When asked for her opinion on the elections, senior Lauren Hanson said, “I remain neutral and I think whoever wins will do a fabulous job. All the nominees are qualified.”

Suhkpreet Bains was elected as ASB Vice President for the 2012-2011 school year.

Alex Cabral was very enthusiastic about the position and already had ideas she wanted to put in motion, including more seating around campus, more shaded areas, and a faster paced lunch line. When asked about her competition she said, “They’re both good friends and are going to be good competition. I want to win of course but I think they’d make good vice presidents as well.”

Tylour Mullany, the only male candidate in this years elections didn’t campaign as heavily as his fellow candidates, but was excited to run for the vice presidency. When asked why people should vote for him, he said, “Because I’m qualified to satisfy the environment of the position.” He also said he would do his best to make all the changes students at Foothill want.

Sukhpreet Bains said she deserves the position of vice president because she feels she can really make student voices be heard. She said, “I feel like the students should be more involved in making decisions for their school because it’s their future.” She also stressed the importance ASB has in her life, saying, “I love ASB, they’re like my second family.”

Photos: Jackie Kroll, top, was elected ASB President. Sukhpreet Bains, below, was elected ASB Vice President. Photos by Carlos Ugarte, The Foothill Dragon Press.

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