Tips for Finals Week

Tips for Finals Week

Dragon Press Editorial Board

Finals at Foothill are stressful for many students.

Here are some tips you can follow if finals week is starting to put a knot in your stomach.

1.Studying only the night before will not give you a passing grade on the final. The time to start studying is now, the week before finals. Manage your time well, split up your classes to what you need to study the most to the least. For example, the Honors Chemistry final will need more time than drama.

2.Take advantage of extra credit. Some teachers offer extra credit opportunities before finals, and even if you feel you will be fine in the class, take the benefit of it. It can only help you.

3.Lean on friends and family for support. If you are stressed to the max, reach out to those around you for help. Have study groups with friends and talk to your parents about the stress you’re under. They will reassure you that you can do well and give you some time to vent.

4.Eat a good breakfast and have a good night’s sleep. Yes, it sounds like the Star Testing, but everyone stresses it because it works. With a full stomach and eight hours of rest, your brain will be able to focus more and perform better. Say goodnight to Facebook and don’t stay up all night to cram. Studies have shown that it doesn’t help.

5.Talk to your teachers. If there is a certain class that you are on the line or a final you feel you aren’t going to perform well on, express your concerns to your teachers. They are here to help, and they want you to pass. They can suggest strategies to help you study so you can get the best possible grade in that class.

6.Take finals seriously. In no way should you be extremely stressed and wearing yourself thin, but it also isn’t a time when you take advantage of no homework and early release from school. Grades are important in high school, and although you may not be thinking of college now, that may change soon. You don’t want a grade haunting you because you weren’t as focused as you could have been.

7.Finally, be confident and stay focused. Seniors asked for finals advice for underclassmen said that confidence is key. You have to stay focused and drive through it all the way. If you believe you can do it, then you can.

Photo: Creative Commons photo “5/365” by Anna Gutermuth on Flickr

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