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ASB candidates share their goals for next year

The Foothill Dragon Press
Hayden Hickerson ’20 and Aidan Donnelly ’20 named as next year’s ASB President and Vice President, respectively.

Associated Student Body (ASB) members campaigned all last week, preparing for the election on Monday, February 29, during lunch.

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Associated Student Body (ASB) members campaigned all last week, preparing for the election on Monday, February 29, during lunch.

Senior Class President Candidate: Alli Shields

Alli Shields, currently Junior Class President, is running unopposed for Senior Class President for the 2016-17 school year. Her main goals for next year’s seniors include having high attendance for senior events. “With that attendance there is a high chance of people bonding more and I really think that is important to push through senior year,” Shields said. “It’s pretty stressful. I think it’s important to have each other to work with.”

Shields hopes to work with the Student Incentives Director to motive the senior class. “I feel that if you reward the students for all their hard work, it really gets to them,” Shields said.

Senior Class Vice President Candidate: Jewelia Stevenson

Jewelia Stevenson, presently presiding as the Stay Strong Commissioner, is one of the candidates for Senior Vice President. Stevenson will strive to improve senior camaraderie and keep the seniors inspired as “senioritis” kicks in.  

“I feel like Foothill has a really good sense of community already but I want to make sure that amongst seniors we all get to feel really close because it’s our last year together,” Stevenson said. “So I want to make sure everyone feels very included and a part of the school.”

Stevenson will “definitely keep the S.O.A.R. rallies going.” She feels that those are particularly motivational.

Senior Class Vice President Candidate: Daniel Holst

Daniel Holst, currently the Student Incentives Director, is the second candidate for Senior Vice President. Holst wants to have more communication and transparency between the senior class and ASB to increase seniors involvement with activities.

Holst hopes to create a “family” dynamic among next year’s senior class. He hopes “to have more of a stronger relationship between students in the class, to have every know how everyone is doing, and to be a stronger family.”

Holst also plans to continue to motivate the senior class with incentives.

“I know students are getting tired from three years, going to be on four next year. Just keep on going, just keep on striving to reach your academic goals.”

Junior Class President Candidate: Julia Fickenscher

Julia Fickenscher, currently positioned as the Sophomore Class President for the 2015-16 school year, is running unopposed for Junior Class President for next year. Fickenscher would like to strengthen her classes’ bond.

“I feel like it’s important, with your high school life, to have a strong camaraderie with the people that you are going through this high school career with,” Fickenscher said.

Fickenscher is excited to plan Prom next year for her junior class and for the seniors. Fickenscher planned this past year’s Winter Formal.

“Seeing that [Winter Formal] was successful and that people had a good time was a really good feeling,” Fickenscher said. “So I want to get that same motion from prom. To make it successful and for it to be a big event that [the students] enjoy.”

Fickenscher wants to ensure that her fellow juniors, next year, feel supported and she believes that “it will be a good year, not matter how hard or stressful it gets.” She plans to motivate the junior class and “making sure they focus on the positive.”

Junior Class Vice President Candidate: Alaina Hooks

Alaina Hooks, currently Athletics Commissioner in ASB, is campaigning unopposed for Junior Class Vice President. Her three main goals are to have a “rocking” Prom, to get more juniors on Renaissance next year and reward them for their hard work.  

“The juniors and sophomores aren’t recognized as much [for Renaissance], so I want to focus more on Renaissance rewards for them,” Hooks said.

Hooks thinks that one of the best ways to motivate people is by publicizing, such as through the ASB social media and posters. “And also just little things, like sending them little slips during class, little motivational things,” Hooks said. “It doesn’t have to be something as big as a rally but it can be something smaller and tangible too.”

Hooks hopes, along with Fickenscher, to build upon the camaraderie in their junior class, next year.

Sophomore Class President Candidate: Abby Sourwine

Abby Sourwine is running unopposed for Sophomore Class President for the 2016-17 school year.

Sourwine has three major goals for next year. One of which is connecting ASB and the student body more, “to make sure they know that we want their ideas and we want to make their ideas a reality because we are only a small group of people but they are much larger.”

Sourwine also hopes to make Winter Formal memorable and exciting for the entire student body by incorporating the ideas of next year’s sophomore class.

“[I hope] to reach as many people as I can with a good theme, a good venue. Simple things like that can go a long way,” Sourwine said.

Next year, Sourwine will strive to make Renaissance a goal for all of students.

Sourwine believes that “the small things go a long way.” This includes small incentives for students to increase motivation and number of students on Renaissance. “Students loving know that they are appreciated,” Sourwine said.

Sophomore Class Vice President Candidate: Josiah Beharry

Josiah Beharry is one of the two candidates for Sophomore Class Vice President. Beharry’s platform includes making sure that everyone feels accepted and that their voice is heard at Foothill.

“My main goal is definitely to make sure that everyone has a say in what goes on in the sophomore year next year,” Beharry said.

Beharry hopes to motivate next year’s sophomores by getting their input on events and activities. He hopes to provide rewards for those that excel in school work and those that work hard in athletics.

Sophomore Class Vice President Candidate: Kaylan Ouerbacker

Kaylan Ouerbacker is the second candidate for Sophomore Class Vice President. Ouerbacker would want to plan awesome rallies for next year’s sophomore class. He also would aim to plan Winter Formal to “make it the best that it can be.”

“My main goal for next year is just to build more unity with the now freshman class, so next year’s sophomores,” Ouerbacker commented.

Ouerbacker hopes to have rallies that provide encouragement for the sophomores to maintain high Renaissance rates.

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