Kahar McCullum and Daniel Holst compete for ASB Vice President


Ryan Moore

This year´s Associated Student Body (ASB) election consists of three candidates: Courtney Corbett for ASB President, and Kahar McCullum and Daniel Holst for ASB Vice President.

Friday, students viewed candidate-made videos giving a two minute excerpt about their goals.

Tomorrow, students will have the ability to view the candidates speeches and cast their ballots.

The results should be announced during 6th period.


ASB Vice President Candidate: Kahar McCullum

Junior Kahar McCullum is running for ASB Vice President.

McCullum’s platform is based on two principles, unity and pride. He believes that there is a division in the school, not just through the students but through the myriad of programs as well. Everyone attending Foothill is a Dragon and should identify as one.

McCullum’s first priority if elected as Vice President will be greater student recognition to the students who get a .5 increase in their Grade Point Average (GPA).

“I think it’s important that we recognize and reward those individuals, who take the time and are determined to get that increase,” McCullum said.

Not only does McCullum aim to recognize the students who can increase their GPA, but also to celebrate the athletes of Foothill. Those who can find that balance between academics and extracurriculars are the ones that should be rewarded, he believes.

Lastly, McCullum intends to recognize the sophomores and juniors more frequently.

While freshmen get start strong rallies and seniors celebrate their last year with finish strong rallies, McCullum believes that the sophomores and juniors lack any sort of motivational praise.

“Somewhere along the way we lose the fact that juniors and sophomores should have a little something, you know, to motivate them to continue. So my goal is to have more rallies for them, while still continuing our celebration for seniors and freshmen.”

McCullum believes these three main goals are easy and quite tangible if he gets elected as next year’s vice president.

While McCullum does not have as much ASB experience as Holst, he’s had the chance to be a part of the Southern California Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) seminar, a leadership opportunity that only two invited students get to experience.


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If McCullum could leave with one accomplish, he’d want to leave behind a more unified school.


ASB Vice President Candidate: Daniel Holst

Junior Daniel Holst is running for ASB Vice President. Holst has been in ASB since he was enrolled at Foothill. Holst stated that his largest priority as Vice President would be improving Foothill’s Renaissance program.

“A lot of students – they think that Renaissance is just the card,” he said “I want to have more of a recognition platform for student’s next year.”

Holst believes that improving Renaissance will make more students strive to get on Renaissance.


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Holst is running for Vice President because he wants to create the “school that everyone wants to go to and have our school become a better place.”

Holst believes that what sets him apart from his opponent is his experience. Holst has been in ASB for the last three years and has been shadowing the ASB President and Vice President during that time.

Background Photo Credit: Carrie Coonan/The Foothill Dragon Press

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