What’s your costume say?

Whats your costume say?

Geneva Douma

A person’s halloween costume can tell a lot about a person.

But did you realize that even though you’re covering your face with a mask, you’re actually saying a lot about yourself?

Costumes grant a certain level of anonymity. And yet, experts say that our costume choices are not random, even if we think so. Halloween costumes can reveal a bit of our subconscious yearning to get out.

Even though Foothill won’t get to host a costume contest this year, due to the timing of Fall Break, here’s a quick guide for those of you who are going out on Saturday night.

Heroes: You might dream of saving the world from evil, or you might just like to feel admired and powerful. Superhero and heroine costumes are not for the weak of heart, but some people who feel comfortable in these bright colors on Halloween might be a little shy without the mask. They’ll also often have those superhero ideals of good and evil in the world.

Monsters: Maybe you have a darker side that’s raring to get out and party, and a more macabre costume is your way of getting in touch with it. There’s always a big market for monsters, especially now with the current popularity of True Blood, the Vampire Diaries and the like.

Villains: Villains are more about power than monsters. There are different types of villains from fiction to portray on the 31st. Maybe you’re a cynic and don’t believe in undiluted ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ Or maybe you’re getting in touch with your dark side without any fangs or fake blood.

Princess/Peter Pan: We’re in high school now, jaded cynics almost ready to step out into the adult world, but these people miss the naïve days of watching 2-D cartoons and dreaming of big things in their future. While they can’t get the castle that goes with the outfit, they can live their childhood dreams for one night and get back to a simpler mindset.

Animal Costumes: Real animal costumes are more varied in meaning, because they tend to reflect the perceived characteristics of that animal. They can’t all be painted with the same brush (especially since paint would ruin their fur). For example, we see dogs as loyal and cats as independent, so a house cat outfit could represent independence or a desire for it. And a big cat, like a panther or lion, would represent power as well as independence.

If you’ve got any other questions, comments, or quirky costume suggestions, feel free to post ’em, and Happy Halloween.

Photo: Creative Commons photo “Halloween #26” by stevechasmar on Flickr.

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