“Kindergarten” Renaissance Rally brings back old memories (40 photos, video)


Juniors Andrew Miech and compete on the bungee inflatable at the fall Renaissance rally themed “Kindergarten.” Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press

Cliff Danza


[dropcap size=dropcap]T[/dropcap]he uniquely themed “Kindergarten” fall Renaissance Rally started off the year with a brief respite from class work.

 Students with a 3.0 grade point average enjoyed tricycle racing, snow cones, face painting, a contest for dressing up like a kindergartner, and burritos provided by Corrales.

 Some students were disappointed by the absence of Renaissance shirts this quarter, however, the lack of new shirts didn’t deter most students from having fun as sounds of laughter and iconic Disney songs filled the air.

 The unexpected “Kindergarten” theme chosen by ASB went over well with most students.

 “I love all the jolly jumpers and tricycle races,” freshman Ela Yasa said.

 However, some students weren’t sold on the idea of revisiting their kindergarten days.

 “I think that it’s a little too cheesy,” said sophomore Yash Narang.

 Half an hour into the rally, there was a “Kindergarten Pageant.” The goal was to see who could dress up like a kindergartener the best.

 Sophomore Crystal Castaneda won first place and a $50 gift card, senior Katie Sones won second place and a $25 gift card, and freshman Bella Bobrow won third place and a $10 gift card.

 For students who needed a break, there was a designated classroom for watching a movie and having “nap time.”

 “I remember hating nap time when I was a kid. Now I’m kind of happy to be in charge of it,” said English teacher and Speech and Debate advisor Jennifer Kindred.

 Students enjoyed “nap time” and were reminded of their early years by the theme.

 “I love nap time. I never got to do it in kindergarten, but now I get to do it in high school,” said junior Jessica Elizalde.

Credit: Josh Ren, Johnathan Carriger, and Maddy Schmitt/The Foothill Dragon Press

[embedvideo id=”75630100″ website=”vimeo”]

Credit: Kazu Koba, Emily Chacon, and Ellie Morrison/The Foothill Dragon Press

Background photo: Juniors Andrew Miech and Austin Hunt compete on the bungee cord inflatable at the fall Renaissance rally themed “Kindergarten.” Credit: Johnathan Carriger/The Foothill Dragon Press

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