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The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

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The Student News Site of Foothill Technology High School

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Along with relaxing, motivating, and inciting curiosity within listeners, music from our youth brings back nostalgia and memories of such vivid experiences from then.

The Oldies: The psychology of high school music nostalgia

Lily Toreja, Writer October 4, 2021

Whether it be Spotify Premium, Apple Music, or any other big-name streaming service, there is one thing most or all teenagers of our generation have in common: an affinity for music. In generations past,...

Netflixs new shuffle button brings up an interesting point of discussion as to whether viewers should submit to the selection of the streaming service, or choose for themselves what they want to watch.

OPINION: The Netflix shuffle button is bad for society

Jonah Billings and Lila Ettedgui-Scott September 28, 2021

In an update last April, Netflix unveiled a shuffle feature available on the TV app and Android mobile app. The shuffle button plays a random title based on the viewer's activity and watch list.  The...

Cartoon 98: The application anxiety epidemic

Cartoon 98: “The application anxiety epidemic”

Alivia Baker, Illustrator September 27, 2021

Students at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) and around the world are taking on the challenge of racing for the few seats available in classrooms of top-notch colleges and universities....

552 days ago, life halted and since then the change to society has been tremendous.

Cartoon 97: “552 days ago”

Chloe Zarrinkelk, Illustrator September 16, 2021

Chinas recent restrictions on gaming have brought up many controversies on how children should spend their free time.

OPINION: There are no winners with China’s strict gaming policy

Kelly Quinn, Writer September 13, 2021

In late August, an already strict gaming policy in China got even harsher for those under 18.  On August 30, 2021, China banned children from playing video games on weekdays, limiting their playing time...

Time slips away as this year school starts a half an hour earlier but it might as well be a millennium earlier to some.

Opinion: The Pros and Cons of FTHS Scheduling

Frances English and Emilie Huovinen September 10, 2021

As we all finally return back to school, the switch to our original schedule has so far included both positive and negative aspects. Here are our sides to the story.  If quarantine taught us anything,...

While freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors have recently returned to campus, they have come to realize that amidst their difference in grade level they all possess a shared disorientation to student life due to COVID-19.

Cartoon 96: “A shared sense of cluelessness”

Kaelyn Savard, Multimedia Editor September 3, 2021

Ojai is a beautiful area where you can also indulge in incredible food!

Fill your belly with Ojai delights

Isabella Fortunati, Writer June 14, 2021

Ojai has been a well-known town for Ventura natives to venture out for the day and explore the stunning area. This city is famous for its gorgeous walks, trendy shops and calm weather. On top of this,...

There are unconscious, and inequitable advantages to individuals who meet particular beauty standards, and these advantages will usually give them a head-start on many opportunities in life just for their appearance.

OPINION: Let’s talk about pretty privilege

Laura Liang, Copy Editor May 27, 2021

Why do we care so much about what others think? What makes us so insecure? Our appearance, as much as we hate to hear it, plays a huge role in our navigation through life and individual mentality, causing...

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