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While we all are grateful for the closing of 2020, the coronavirus and quarantine didn’t end on January 1st, so while that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be hopeful for the future, we should still continue to follow safety guidelines in order to see the end of COVID-19 on the horizon.

Cartoon 79: “The 2021 Dilemma”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrations Editor January 11, 2021

While in the beginning of December it can feel like you have the whole month to accomplish all of your gift shopping, the next thing you know, its already December 24th, and the panic begins to sink in.

Cartoon 78: “The holiday vortex”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrations Editor December 14, 2020

Between celebrities and common teens, the modern representation of untraditional appearances have been on the rise, foiling the social construct of gender. Credit: Vogue

OPINION: Blurring the lines of gender norms – femininity within masculinity

Laura Liang, Writer December 11, 2020

Pink is a girl’s color and blue is a boy’s color, or so we’ve been told. We’ve grown up our whole lives with gender roles attached to everyday knowledge, but what defines something as feminine...

May thankfulness for the little things fall like autumn leaves and gratefulness be like a cool November breeze in times of trouble as you enter this Thanksgiving season.

Cartoon 75: “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Alivia Baker, Illustrator November 25, 2020

While times like these may not allow us to completely see the faces of our friends and loved ones, one advantage to the mask is the fact that it is another mode of self-expression, to show that we are still ‘us’, and that 2020 hasn’t won yet.

Cartoon 74: “Let the mask speak for itself”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrations Editor November 16, 2020

There are times in this new world of distant learning in which relying so heavily on technology can get really, really frustrating.

Cartoon 72: “The joys of technology”

Kaelyn Savard, Illustrations Editor November 3, 2020

Day by day passes by as another polar ice cap melts, greenhouse gases burn through the ozone layer, hundreds of trees are cut at their core and helpless sea animals die from ocean pollution. Earth has taken a blow from the actions of our population, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. Illustrator Alivia Baker believes that you can help sustain the world we live in and our futures by recycling, saving water, volunteering to plant trees locally, going solar, choosing electric cars or supporting businesses and nonprofits that help the environment.

Cartoon 70: “Only one Earth”

Alivia Baker, Illustrator October 19, 2020

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