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Buena High Schools Drumline performing Bloom Again. Credit: Used with permission

My experience with COVID-19 and how it has impacted Buena High School’s 2020 Drumline season

Jacob Guthrie, Writer March 19, 2020

Devastation. Sadness. Disappointment. The combination of these three words, unfortunately, describe the meeting that took place on March 12, 2020, in regards to the now-canceled season of Buena High School’s...

Francisco Franco Bahamonde is often overlooked as one of the the most notable Fascist Dictators.

Fascism Without Franco? Unacceptable.

Owen Hanson, Writer March 12, 2020

In World History we learned about the rise and fall of dictators; and why they fail to remain in power. Yet, throughout a year of exploring history’s most infamous fascists, Francisco Franco Bahamonde...

Maya Thompson 21 and Emma Gill 21 cutting out hearts for the Valentines day cards.

Discover Science: Inciting a curiosity and passion of exploration in the next generation of scientists

Kaitlynn Dibblee, Writer February 13, 2020

On Feb. 5, 2020, Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), the leadership program of the Bioscience Academy at Foothill Technology High School (FTHS), planned an experiment at the Hill Road Library....

Joe Bova has moved on from Principal of Foothill after 18 years.

Joe Bova sparks inspiration at Foothill and beyond

Dylan Mullaney, Adler Striegel, and Siena Hager February 11, 2020

As of Feb. 3, Joe Bova will no longer be known as principal, but director. After serving as Foothill Technology’s principal for an astounding 18 years, Bova will continue a new chapter in his educational...

Ricardo Spizzamiglio, a risk-taker who chose to follow his passion of art / Credit: Kimberly Nelson

The vivid world of Riccardo Spizzamiglio

Kaitlynn Dibblee, Writer February 5, 2020

When traveling through Cambria, California, one might find a whimsical, steep-roofed building gorgeously accented with iron and filled to the brim with masterfully done paintings and sculptures. Riccardo...

YouTuber Kindly Keyin has made a big impact through small actions / Credit: Kindly Keyin

Kindly Keyin: Youtube Sensation

Bella Meza, Writer January 26, 2020

Kindly Keyin is a Youtube gamer with over two million subscribers. This family man enjoys playing video games that appeal to teens, adolescents and adults alike. His recent videos consist of himself playing...

Taking the SAT can be a scary venture, but with some advice, some stress can be alleviated.

What you need to know before taking the SAT

Rebekah Yahner, Writer January 14, 2020

Although increasing numbers of colleges are jumping on the “test-optional” bandwagon, high school juniors and seniors are stuck with taking the SAT and/or ACT for the time being.  A student’s...

There are many different forms of therapy that cater to different minds

Open Your Mind to Alternative Therapy

Bella Meza, Writer November 20, 2019

From art to cryotherapy to just being in the wilderness, explore the unconventional and alternative ways to cure your case of the blues. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, depression among other...

Music tastes at Foothilll varies between student to student

Sounds of Foothill

Adler Striegel, Reporter November 6, 2019

It’s 1987, my mom, Julie Salomonson, is getting ready for her state championship track meet. “Eye of the Tiger” blasts in her walkman, last-minute endorphins kicking in before the big race. Connected...

A day in the life with the Buena High School Marching Band

Jacob Guthrie, Videographer November 3, 2019

The Buena High School (Buena) Marching Band consists of students from different schools around Ventura. Students from not just Buena, but Foothill Technology High School (FTHS) and El Camino High School...

Newest dragon in the media center, Cynthia Magana

New media center employee, Cynthia Magana

Bella Meza, Writer November 3, 2019

Cynthia Magana is the newest media center employee at Foothill. Even at her young age, she has experienced multiple career pathways, but now finds herself loving to interact with students in order to “influence...

New Assistant Principal Cruz is Here to Help

New Assistant Principal Cruz is Here to Help

Bella Meza, Writer October 23, 2019

Stephanie Cruz has been a teacher and counselor for years, working to help students and staff wherever she goes. As an Assistant Principal, she wants to become a trusted adult resource that students feel...

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