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Luke Ballmer: Generalization hinders growth

Luke Ballmer

September 23, 2012

Human intelligence is stoppered by a right many things: ignorance, raw emotion, Yahoo answers. The list goes on.One particularly damaging roadblock to rational thought and human growth, in my experience, is generalization. I see it everyd...

Amelia Gomez: The downfall of a senior scholar

Amelia Gomez

September 21, 2012

Captain's Log: Day 20, 16:00 I've gone mad. Not only the crazy mad, but the angry mad. Even the pigeons and crows can sense my chaotic frustration as I furiously toss the remnants of my Cheetos from lunch at them. They give...

Bryn Gallagher: Striking out

Bryn Gallagher

September 20, 2012

8:39 p.m. and I was still sitting locked in my car outside the bowling alley on Thompson Blvd. trying my best to be invisible, completely alone. I was going to go bowling, and my friends were coming... but where were they? Wh...

Luke Ballmer: Compassionate ignorance

Luke Ballmer

September 15, 2012

Every time a foreign crisis arises, many Americans suddenly morph into foreign policy experts. As with every terrorist attack, our nation’s response has implications that range far beyond avenging the dead. I know little ab...

Amelia Gomez: A quote to last a lifetime

Otto Tielemans

September 11, 2012

Every day after school, I take out a blank piece of paper, and across the top I write “Amelia’s Big Fat To Do List.” It’s the perfect canvas for all the things that are bouncing around in my brain, and it helps me make su...

Amelia Gomez: The reality of high school

Otto Tielemans

August 31, 2012

Set the pressure cooker to 400 degrees. Twist the knob to personal statement. Don’t forget to add the scholarship application, search for a job, last-minute community service hours, new senior project, a pinch of bad hair...

Bryn Gallagher: One confession to make

Bryn Gallagher

August 31, 2012

I have a confession to make, and I may lose readers for this one (and certainly some hipster friends). I kind of like One Direction.Now before you picture me hanging up posters of Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam (I had to look up their names) or painting my face and making “I Love 1D” tees for their concert (the tickets of which I bought last year), jump back and at least let me state...

Luke Ballmer: Akin’s not alone in ‘murky filth’

Luke Ballmer

August 27, 2012

Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing" seems to sum up politics in one short exchange. In an episode in which a bipartisan deal being negotiated by both parties must be axed by the Democratic administration in power, the Republican ne...

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