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New Horizons was released eight years after its predecessor, New Leaf (Credit: Nintendo).

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ brings escapism, delight to a quarantined world

Lillian Li, Writer May 11, 2020

In the days before March 20, 2020, the world had shuttered its windows and began the difficult transition into socially distant life. However, the long-awaited release of Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing:...

A perfect playlist awaits for each and every one of our isolation moods.

Quarantine tunes based on your mood

Carol Sanchez, Writer May 4, 2020

Quarantine snuck up on the world quickly, and with it came an array of emotions. Whether the sudden announcement of school closures and immediate lockdowns evoked feelings of bliss or sorrow, one of these...

With these tips, creating your dream room on a budget isnt as impossible as it may seem.

Simple ways to redecorate your room on a budget

Isabella Fortunati, Writer April 28, 2020

As the season shifts from winter to spring, and quarantine continues, most of us are feeling tired of being in our homes. Not only is the weather wanting change, but so are our daily activities as a new...

Tropics on the Tongue: Guava

Tropics on the Tongue: Guava

Zen Li and Ethan Crouch April 4, 2020

It’s no secret that nutritional benefits and vitamins are abundant in fruits and vegetables; health buffs, nutritionists and the common citizen can all agree. Not all fruits are created equal, though,...

Melted mozzarella, tomato, spinach and pesto pair perfectly on this simple sandwich.

Simple guide to a perfect grilled caprese sandwich

Emma Yakel, Writer March 28, 2020

While the saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this notion shouldn’t interfere with you creating a delicious lunch that will satisfy your taste buds and brighten your day....

Finished product of this last-minute Valentines Day craft.

Easy and cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift

Carol Sanchez, Writer February 13, 2020

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the need for a unique, crafty gift could be an important factor in creating a great day. This is a cute and easily customizable Valentine’s Day craft that is...

Shopping local could me made just as easy to access through just a click on your phone.

Shop local without leaving the couch

Bella Hall, Writer February 10, 2020

It’s 2030, where the idea of local businesses is a faded fad. What ever happened to those? Thank the power of Amazon, for being the option that, although it is not supportive of the community, is so...

The Dragon Press Crossword will periodically publish new editions.

The Dragon Press Crossword: Ventura

Thomas Weldele, Writer January 15, 2020

 Editor's Note: The platform used to embed the crossword may not be compatible with Ventura Unified School District's internet search policies.

The Hollow Knight is a popular video game that allows the player to explore vast terrains of unique scenery.

Hollow Knight: Video Game Review

Zack Kinnaman, Writer January 12, 2020

As a critically-acclaimed video game, Hollow Knight definitely lives up to its reputation. It is a game from the Metroidvania genre, but it’s distinct from the endless flood of Metroidvania type games...

Dance scene featuring the main characters of Cats / Credit: Universal Pictures

“Cats” is a failure worth abandoning

Emma Yakel, Writer January 9, 2020

I have never watched a movie in which I wished for a train to come while I, along with the characters, were tied to the track, waiting to end my misery. But I guess everything must happen once, and this...

As 2019 comes to a close, it becomes necessary to look back on the years best moments.

2019 – The Best and Most Memorable Media

Zen Li, Writer January 8, 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, more and more entertainment becomes increasingly anticipated for the upcoming decade. Before we enter a new decade, let’s take a look back at some of the most mark-making and...

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