Kyle "K.i.D" Harvey is making a name for himself as a rapper, and may be touring in Australia next year. Credit: Bethany Fankhauser/The Foothill Dragon Press.

Kyle “K.i.D” Harvey is making a name for himself as a rapper, and may be touring in Australia next year. Credit: Bethany Fankhauser/The Foothill Dragon Press.


“The key to success is to be yourself because nobody can be you more than you can.” – Kyle “K.i.D” Harvey


Many may know Ventura High school alum Kyle Harvey as K.i.D, the name he raps under, but don’t think that this means he is kidding around. K.i.D actually stands for “Kyle is determined.”

And determination is a quality Harvey exudes. Since moving to Ventura the summer before ninth grade, Harvey has built up a name for himself and is currently touring in Arizona with plans to tour Australia in the spring.

When he first started rapping, Harvey admits to copying Drake, but after a few months, inspired by listening to artists such as Kid Cudi, Harvey found his own sound. With the drop of “Super Duper,” and more specifically, “Never Rewind,” Harvey crossed over from generic hip-hop to his own style. The days of copying were over. 

Dragon Press: You’re currently an unsigned artist and have turned down three different labels. What obstacles have you encountered from being an independent musician?

Kyle Harvey: Really the only obstacles from being [sic] an independent artist is having nobody to do things “for” you. You have to set everything up yourself, you know. But that’s what success is about, it’s about having a dream and going out and getting it yourself. So, I don’t want or need a label to help me. I’m doin’ it myself.

DP: What are you looking for in a label? Or are you content with managing yourself at the moment, since the Internet and blogs have made music so attainable?

KH: If I was [sic] to get a label, I’d want nothing less than a major label. Someone who can get me things I can’t get myself. Because these independent labels aren’t the type of deal I’m looking for. Whether it’s Rostrum Records or whoever. They all just wanna lock me down before I’ve really reached my full potential. So yeah, all I need is me and my team at this point. And my loving fans!

DP: You mentioned that you’ve been singing and performing for as long as you can remember. Was there a specific time or incident where you went, “Music is what I want to do with my life”?

KH: Yeah, kinda. I was like six years old and I loved entertaining people and just having people’s attention and I just always sang and it just sorta became known that that’s what I wanted to do. 

DP: You’ve listed Drake as one of your biggest influences and even said you used to copy everything he used to do. What was it that drew you to him as a rapper so much?

KH: Yeah, I loved Drake and I still do. I think the thing that drew me to him so much is I’ve always been a person with feelings and hip-hop has never really been the place to talk about feelings and real life emotion. And he just from the start stood for everything I believed in and I can relate to him so well. {sidebar id=54}

DP: Can you describe the transformation that caused you to find your own sound and style?

KH: I was just sorta tired of having to make music a certain way because that’s how a rapper was supposed to be. And I thought to myself, I wanna make songs about the things I actually think about and things I really believe in. And all of a sudden, it was easy. I swear to God it was really that simple! That’s all I did was say, you know, I wanna make songs that are really about me and who I am not what I’m supposed to be. And I can’t leave out the most important fact that Dave Cappa gave me the dopest beats in the world and my own sound. So yeah, just be yourself, it’s easier that way.

DP: One thing you said when we spoke that really stood out to me was that to create good music, “you have to remain vulnerable.” Can you elaborate on what this means to you as a songwriter and performer? Have there been any instances in your writing when you struggled between remaining vulnerable but also wanted to maintain a sense of privacy?

KH: Yeah, what that basically means is people have normal lives, they have good times and bad times and in order for them to relate to you, you have to talk about real things that you really have been through and things about yourself that aren’t so “cool” because people will relate to you if you’re not acting like you’re something you’re not. And naw, [sic] I put it all out there. Everything. 

DP: Your music videos are all by Jakob Owens and are really well done. How did you come into contact with him and choose him as your videographer?

KH: I met him through a friend and he was just so buff and happy, I had to get him to film my vids [sic] and also he’s really good.

DP: Living in Ventura, the music scene isn’t really big, but you said that you’re insistent on staying here and commuting to gigs. You also said you want to “put Ventura on the map.” What plans do you currently have to largen the music scene here? What specifically draws you to Ventura?

KH: Yeah, I love this city. It’s really the best place in the world in my eyes. We’re so unique, it’s ridiculous. I wanna expose this place for the creative, beautiful environment it is. I plan on holding all my biggest shows here and filming 90% of all my vids [sic] here.

DP: What would you say has been the highlight of your performance career thus far? What has been the darkest moment?

KH: The highlight of my career was my latest show in Ventura. It was so hype and it’s the first time [I headlined] a show and it was all my fans in my home city with the people I love. I wanted to cry. It couldn’t have been a better night. Also I crowd surfed…crazy, right? I don’t have a darkest moment because they happen always but I don’t let them make me sad, you know, I just smile really big and try to laugh. But, if I had to pick, I would say my darkest moment is when I doubt my future in music. It’s really sad.

DP: What can we expect from K.i.D in the near future?

KH: Greatness and smiles.

DP: Is there anything else you’d like to say or share?

KH: Stay super duper!

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