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The newest installment of the fruit series features jackfruit and durian.

Tropics on the Tongue: Durian and Jackfruit

Zen Li, Copy Editor November 17, 2020

The presence of tropical fruit has eluded the western world for centuries, leaving an entire treasure-trove of both delightfully tasty and highly nutritious fruits largely unknown to most people in America....

Though the distant learning system may put a hinder all the normal activities that would have occurred at FTHS at this time of the year, that doesnt mean that there arent other, less expensive ways to celebrate your holiday right in the comfort of your own home.

There are no tricks in these Halloween treats

Isabella Fortunati and Ryann Liddell October 31, 2020

Halloween usually consists of Foothill Technology High School's (Foothill Tech) annual trunk or treat, dressing in costumes with your friends and getting bucket-loads of candy. Nowadays, Halloween must...

After months of quarantining due to COVID-19, we all seem to need something new in our lives. Add these five songs to your playlist to brighten your day!

Five songs to brighten up your quarantine playlist

Noelle Villasenor, Writer October 21, 2020

Though quarantine can be boring and unsure at times, music is a constant that can raise our spirits even in the worst of times. Here are five songs that will brighten up your playlists and add a great...

While fall activities may seem limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are still tons of festive activities that you can partake in to keep that holiday spirit alive.

Spooky activities for a COVID-safe Fall

Isabella Fortunati, Writer October 20, 2020

Although fall in Ventura isn't quite as dramatic as other places in the United States that become draped with an array of colorful leaves, there are still many enjoyable, cliche activities that are likely...

Time travel back to a century in which a woman did not have all the rights she might today and witness the adventures of a young aspiring detective who breaks societal norms in the new film Enola Holmes.

Enola Holmes: A twist on the timeless mystery

Ryann Liddell, Writer October 17, 2020

Since Oct. of 1892, the fictitious Sherlock Holmes has been known for his amazing intellect and ability to solve crimes. Up until now, he’s been the center of attention in almost every adaptation of...

Lets take a deeper look into these seemingly simple orange and leafy green vegetables in this installment of The Market Report.

The Market Report: Carrots

Kimberly Fickerson, Videographer October 14, 2020

This is the first episode of The Market Report series. Join me as I interview Maria from Alcantar Organics and then we'll reconvene in the kitchen to give a unique spin on a simple yet delicious recipe,...

Finding the perfect movie to keep you entertained while staying at home is not always an easy task. Luckily, writers Isabella Fortunati and Ryann Liddell have put together a list. What will you watch next?

Intriguing movies to spice up your quarantine

Isabella Fortunati and Ryann Liddell September 25, 2020

Through these wretched months of quarantine, most people have had large amounts of free time on their hands. With the physical absence that comes with social distancing and the fatigue of seemingly never-ending...

There are many sexually diverse musicians who make music that appeal to both the LGBTQ+ community and other audiences.

The 2010s: A momentous decade in LGBTQ+ pop music

Lillian Li, Writer June 30, 2020

The normalization of unfiltered, visible LGBTQ+ artists in mainstream pop music was something that happened slowly, over years upon years...until it suddenly exploded. The dawn of the 2010s saw an unparalleled...

TikTok has had a major effect on how Gen Z is expressing themselves, but some users’ negative motives can cause the app to become a source of harsh criticism, and hatred, getting in the way of others’ ability to just have fun.

The influence of social media: TikTok

Claire Hernandez, Writer June 6, 2020

Social media is the hotspot for double edged content that anyone has access to. It seems that there is an overwhelming amount of hatred and animosity in this world and it is being displayed more often...

With soft vocals and creative lyrics, Alec Benjamins latest album doesnt disappoint (image by

Have your tissues ready for Alec Benjamin’s new album

Bella Meza, Copy Editor June 2, 2020

Do the quarantine blues have you down? Look no further than Alec Benjamin’s debut studio album “These Two Windows”. With gentle vocals and lyrics that pack a punch, “These Two Windows”  proves...

Brands such as Target and Urban Outfitters may provide reasonably priced clothing, but with an environmental and ethical impact.

Fast fashion: The terrible truth of the fashion industry

Kaitlynn Dibblee, Writer May 25, 2020

Brilliantly colored clothing hangs innocently on the racks, and a favorite pop song plays quietly in the background. Hundreds of colors, styles and fabrics make it hard to choose just one thing, but the...

Dont waste your time doing nothing all day! Try out these recipes to add something to your routine with a sweet treat at the end!

Three simple baking recipes to pass the time

Isabella Fortunati, Writer May 15, 2020

With stay-at-home orders remaining in effect, many of us are sitting around with plenty of time on our hands, complaining about how the days are beginning to blend together. A comforting, pleasurable and...

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