Foothill Alumni Zachary Carter returns to Foothill to talk about his profession in the animated film industry. Credit: Maya Morales/The Foothill Dragon Press.

A dream made at Dreamworks Studio

Zachary Carter stood in the Media Center in blue jeans, a light blue shirt and high-tech looking Vibrum Shoes, while a lit screen behind him proclaimed: “A Career in Computer Animation." Foothill alumnus, and now a Technical Director at Dreamwork...
Members of Foothill's High Society club try to keep it classy during their weekly meetings. Credit: Maya Morales/The Foothill Dragon Press.

New club brings class to Foothill

It’s a warm Thursday afternoon and the "classiest" students at Foothill Technology High School gathered in room F107, for their weekly meeting. "Welcome to this week’s edition of the High Society Club,” senior Galen Egan said, as he looked at the ...
One of the new laws passed by California legislators gives immunity to underage drinkers who call to report a medical emergency. Art credit: Alex Phelps/The Foothill Dragon Staff.

5 new laws affecting you

If your parents could be sentenced to jail time for your truancy, would you keep skipping school? If you were at a party and your friend passed out drunk, would you call for help even if you might be arrested for underage drinking? Out of the hund...