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Chloe Zarrinkelk

Fashion trends skyrocketed in 2022, changing with the seasons. From newer additions like the Airpod Maxes to the throwback of low rise jeans, there was something fashionable for everyone this year.

Best of 2022: Fashion and trends

2022 has revived fashion trends from the past as well as invented new ones. From trending accessories to popular shoes, style has become a prominent component of what 2022 had to offer. 

In 2022, the shoe brand Dr. Martens (Doc’s) has yet again proved to be a trendy, yet timeless classic. Since their creation in the 1950s as utility boots, these shoes have seen an immense growth in popularity across a wide range of styles and aesthetics, from grunge to “cottage core.” In addition to the iconic “1460 Smooth Leather Lace-Up Boots,” their platform boots and mary-jane style shoes have also been very popular this year. Dr. Martens have likely stood the test of time because of their durability and versatility, as Doc’s are seamlessly paired with fancy dresses and baggy jeans alike. 

Layering in any form proved to be an important style trend of 2022. Whether it’s adding an extra shirt, jacket or skirt to an outfit, layering can come in many forms. Many fashion fanatics may wear things like leg warmers and tights when their outfit is already finished. Adding an extra layer is an easy way to complicate and add depth to any look without a lot of effort. Not only layers, but different textures have become a popular addition to the fashion industry. Including different materials adds a complex component that is hard to deny. Matching fabrics such as leather, silk and velvet is a quick way to pull an outfit together. 

Earbuds as a fashion statement have been one of the more arbitrary and unexpected trends of the year. To contrast a recent surge in wireless earbuds, Apple came out with the AirPod Max in 2020. Now in 2022, people are drawn to this product because of its sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. When compared to the bulky, uncomfortable headphones of the past, people are drawn to this modern accessory as a convenient wardrobe staple. We’ve seen many elevate their outfits with these headphones, and whether they’re dressing for the gym or the library, listening to music and being fashionable go hand in hand. 

Dressing for winter became a trend of its own, adding puffy jackets and vests to many wardrobes no matter the weather. Putting on a puffy jacket or vest, much like layering, adds a new component to an outfit for viewers to focus on. Not only does it keep you warm but it proves to be a fashionable accessory. This addition may be seen paired with a long sleeve underneath, baggy jeans and Dr. Martens, another popular trend of 2022. Winter has also inspired many makeup looks to accommodate cold weather along with these outfits. 

Sweaters of any kind were welcomed into 2022 with seemingly no limits. From fun patterns to classic and sleek looks, sweaters are a must in many wardrobes. Boys and girls alike are inspired to pick up a sweater of their choice to be the focal point of any outfit. Trends on social media specifically praise guys who wear sweaters. A tag on TikTok notes how sweaters can be one of the best things a guy can wear. This made sweaters an unforgettable fashion trend of 2022. 

Baggy, low-rise jeans officially made a comeback in 2022. This controversial fashion trend can be categorized as “Y2K,” a style from the 1990s and early 2000s that has seen a major resurgence in the past year. Low rise jeans from this time period often had a tighter fit, but now we’re seeing a plethora of relaxed and even extremely baggy low-rise pants that bare little resemblance to the quintessential Y2K jeans of the past. In general, loose fitting clothing has been a very prominent trend, and is a major style that has truly defined 2022 fashion.  

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