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Ella Asher

At Pizza Man Dan’s in The Annex, one can quickly satisfy their hungry cravings with a mouth-watering slice of pizza. This eatery is an ideal option for individuals who want to indulge in an instant and tasty meal.

Pizza Man Dan’s

April 6, 2023

Located in The Annex, Pizza Man Dan’s serves pizza by the slice and contains a full bar. The service was immediate and trouble-free. Usually, their pizza is already made and ready to be eaten. If not, you only have to wait a short while to dig into your delicious meal. Dining at Pizza Man Dan’s is a great way to satisfy your appetite while looking at others, possibly waiting in long lines for their food. 

Ella: I bought a slice of pepperoni pizza and my mouth instantly watered as soon as I opened the box. The pizza was still warm, as it had just come out of the oven, and I was ready to devour it. The cheese was melted to perfection. Unlike other pizzas, there was only a small amount of grease, making it more appealing to look at and easier on the digestive tract. There was a perfect amount of pepperoni to savor in every bite: it had just the right amount of spice to not overwhelm the other flavors in the pizza. The sauce to cheese ratio was excellent. There’s very little crust, maximizing the bites of cheese and pepperoni. The slice isn’t that filling so if you’re looking for a small meal, this is perfect for you. I would rate this delicious slice a 9/10.

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