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Gigi Richardson Seifert

2022 saw some incredible films in theaters. Here are some of the best.

Best of 2022: Movies

Enola Holmes 2 

Released as a sequel to “Enola Holmes” (2020), “Enola Holmes 2” follows another riveting detective case led by Enola (Millie Bobby Brown), the younger sister of the great Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). Unlike the previous movie, the case she solved in this movie was based on the matchstick girls’ story – a group of British women who struck against a patriarchal matchmaking factory during the Industrial Revolution because they were being exposed to lethal phosphorus vapors on a regular basis there. Through this, the movie highlights women empowerment and fighting for justice. Moreover, “Enola Holmes 2” expanded on Enola and Viscount Tewkesbury’s (Louis Partridge) loving relationship. After watching the first movie, viewers were left questioning if Enola and Tewkesbury’s relationship would go from being friends to being lovers, and this movie answers the perpetual question. Overall, “Enola Holmes 2” takes viewers through an intriguing detective with hints of a love story. 

Turning Red

Set in Canada in 2002, “Turning Red” (a Disney Pixar animated film) follows the journey of Meilin “Mei” Lee (Rosalie Chiang), an adventurous 13-year-old girl who discovers more about herself and her family’s heritage throughout the movie. Near the beginning of the movie, Mei’s life was like that of a studious middle school student, and some of the activities she participated in included playing for her school’s band, being in a math club and obsessing over a music group called 4*TOWN. However, her life changed drastically when, one morning, she woke up as a giant red panda. After this, the movie explores how she accepted this drastic change into her life, along with emphasizing the different changes that many people face during adolescence. 

Purple Hearts

Based on Tess Wakefield’s novel, “Purple Hearts” follows the story of Cassie Salazar (Sofia Carson), a striving musician who struggles to pay for the insulin she needs for her Type 1 Diabetes. It also explores the story of Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine), a United States Marine officer who owes a drug dealer 15,000 dollars for the drugs he bought when he was coping with his mother’s death. One day, Cassie suggests to her military member friend Frankie (Chosen Jacobs) that he should marry her so she can get benefits that can help her pay for her insulin. But Luke overhears the conversation and as a good friend, he advisesFrankie to not marry Cassie, as he would be cheating the government by doing so. However, shortly  after, Luke receives threats from drug dealer Johnno (Anthony Ippolito) regarding his debt. Backed into a corner, Luke asks Cassie to “fake marry” him, knowing the benefits would help them both. 

Although the movie follows the typical enemies to lovers trope, it covered issues that are seen in America today while also keeping viewers interested to make them wonder whether Cassie and Luke will end up really loving each other.


Released as a pair with a continuing narrative, “Pearl” and “X” were the thriller stories of 2022. Following the story of Pearl (Mia Goth) and her obsessive desire for Hollywood fame, “Pearl” encapsulates the essence of insanity caused by entrapment. Constricted to her small farm to care for her father in the midst of World War II, Pearl soon learns that her freedom can be achieved through malicious loopholes. As Pearl ages into an elderly woman, her desire for stardom remains prevalent. Upon being visited with filmmakers, continuing their newest project located on Pearl’s farmhouse, she attempts for fame one last time. “X” follows the tale of Maxine (Mia Goth) and her supporting filmmakers (including actors Kid Cudi and Jenna Ortega), as they attempt to escape the clutches of Pearl, all while realizing that her desire for fame may overpower theirs. 


Narrated by Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), a new narrative of the rock and roll sensation, Elvis Presley (Austin Butler), is expressed through the film, “Elvis.”The film begins with Parker defensively proclaiming that his role was the sole reason behind Elvis’ success, while the rest of the film suggests his manipulation tactics constricted Elvis and even shortened his lifespan. The movie covers the course of his rise to fame and his personal struggles that occurred simultaneously, both within his family and financially. Notorious for his rebellious dancing and soulful lyrical ballads, Elvis instantly became a rock icon. Inevitably, the film concludes with Elvis’ unfinished story, a legacy uprooted by the hands of greed. “Elvis” was able to allow for a sense of resurfacing for Elvis’ work, and even featured musicians such as Doja Cat and Eminem on the movie’s soundtrack.

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