Kaelyn Savard

The year of 2021, amidst the struggles that it brought, offered a powerful ripple effect of new content to offer the public from media and music to clothing and social trends.

Best of 2021

Despite taking place amidst a global pandemic, the year of 2021 had no shortage of stellar accomplishments in a wide range of genres. The entertainment industry saw iconic, record-breaking media, social media made major developments, a reverence for the environment made climate-friendly brands stand out and more. The Writing Section of the Foothill Dragon Press has compiled a list of the year’s highlights, from movies, music and television, to representation, trends and sustainable brands. Choose from the panels below to view:

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Best of 2021: Movies
Best of 2021: Trends
Best of 2021: Sustainable clothing
Best of 2021: TV shows
Best of 2021: Albums
Best of 2021: Representation