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The genres of indie and folk music have been growing since the early 1990’s using instruments such as the banjo, accordion and electric guitar.


Subterranean Homesick Blues: The Lumineers feat. Andrew Bird (cover from Bob Dylan’s original song)

Although “Subterranean Homesick Blues” wasn’t originally performed by the Lumineers, it’s unique choices of instruments beautifully blend together, making this song absolutely exceptional. Bob Dylan’s original version of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” is incredible, but doesn’t compare to the complexity of the instruments in the Lumineers’ version. It is different from most of their releases, but this product was well worth the risk.

-Bella Hall

Avett Brothers

With their blend of jubilant and heartwarming songs, the Avett Brothers gorgeously orchestrate their experiences into the art of music. With their beautifully elegant songs, “Famous Flower of Manhattan” and “Murder in the City,” the listeners fall in love with their voices and stories.

-Bella Hall

Goodnight Chicago

Goodnight Chicago” is one of Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s (RKS) uncharted songs, but is one of their most intriguing. With its interesting use of the bass as the most prominent instrument, the song brings a whole new sound into the RKS mix. Goodnight Chicago is one of the most underrated, yet one of the most unique songs out there.

-Bella Hall


Starting with coffee shop gigs, this trio from Athens, Ohio find their sound while experimenting with their instruments and voices and enjoying beers. After they moved in together, CAAMP’s heartfelt music, like “Vagabond” and “All the Debts I Owe” came to life through the brotherhood that was born. With their name starting to become more commonly known, they are beginning to receive well-deserved recognition for their beautiful and thoughtful songs.

-Bella Hall

Iron & Wine

With two Grammy nominations, Iron & Wine captures many listeners with their slow yet stunning songs. It’s cinematic imagery in all their songs, especially “Time After Time” and “Naked as We Came” leaves a beautiful painting into the minds of the listeners and engraves the poetic lyrics into their hearts.

-Bella Hall

The Lumineers

From a garage band in Denver, Colorado to two Grammy nominations in 2012, the Lumineers are a beautifully unique band with magnificently diverse music. With their rising stardom, they were recognized after their song ”Ho Hey” reached #3 on Billboard’s charts. From there, their dream became a reality as their songs “Ophelia” and “Stubborn Love” were ranked #66 and #70 on the “Hot 100” charts.

-Bella Hall

Ben Howard

With his top hits, “I Forget Where We Are” peaking at #23 and “Nica Libres At Dusk,” he brings a graceful sound to the Indie genre. His mellow music and elegant voice make for the perfect amalgam. Before he got signed, he composed and self-released “Games in the Dark,” “These Waters” and “Old Pine,” which display his true passion and gift for music.

-Bella Hall

Beige by Yoke Lore

This beautifully composed song, “Beige,” paints the elegant image of love through both the lyrics and emotion felt as you listen to the song. Yoke Lore’s perfect blend of traditional instruments and digital effects bring a new twist to indie/folk music. This underrated song is bound to hit the charts, for its stunning rawness brings goosebumps to all listeners.

-Bella Hall

Sea of Love by Langhorne Slim & Jill Andrews

In “Sea of Love,” you can truly hear the passion in their lyrics and easily find yorself immersed into feeling just as they do with the emotion put into the instruments playing. As I listen to the song, it captures my emotion and imagination, which is exactly what a song should do. The minds of Langhorne Slim and Jill Andrews put together was the best idea yet in the music industry, because this masterpiece has blessed this earth with authentic voices and lyrics.

-Bella Hall

As We Ran by The National Parks

The beautiful mixture of piano, violin, guitar and trumpet makes for a unique yet elegant song. The National Parks typically produce slower music, but this song’s roller coaster of emotion creates a new sound into the Indie industry. This BYU student band’s first studio album, “Young” climbed itself to #13 on the top iTunes singer/songwriter charts. With their bar set high from the beginning, they have ceased to amaze us with their brilliant music, just like “As We Ran.”

-Bella Hall

Fleet Foxes

With their diverse music and authentic voices, Fleet Foxes is becoming more known, with “Helplessness Blues” hitting #4 and “Crack Up” reaching #9 on Billboard 200. Their love for music and intentional detail is evident and well worth the hard work they put into every song. They are truly an incredible band with marvelous music.

-Bella Hall

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