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The level of difficulty in video games has long been a source of controversy over the course of the industrys existence. Amidst the different types of challenges offered by games, defeating the difficult ones tend to be the most satisfying to players.

The art of a difficult video game

Kelly Quinn, Writer March 8, 2022

Difficulty in gaming has been a subject of hot debate in the industry since its birth. How difficult or easy should a game be? What is fair and what isn’t? How can a developer make a game difficult while...

 The atmosphere of the concert shifts when TWICE introduces a segment of ballads.

TWICE lights up The Forum on their sold-out world tour “III”

Noelle Villaseñor, Writer March 7, 2022

After arriving in LA on Feb. 13, the nine members of TWICE– Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu– prepared to kick off their long awaited fourth world tour “III”...

Euphoria has become a cultural phenomenon, planting itself in television history amongst Generation Z and critics alike, but theres some debate on whether its presentation of controversial topics is beneficial or harmful.

Euphoria: Fantastic or Problematic?

Carmen Quinn, Writer March 3, 2022

It's hard to not be aware of the show, Euphoria, in 2022 as it dominates Tik Tok, Twitter and many social interactions among Generation Z. On the topic of the youth, it has been hailed as a defining show...

Celebrity culture has evolved from flashy magazines and physical tabloids— with social media, fans have even more power to influence celebrity careers.

Celebrity culture is toxic, here’s why

Lily Toreja, Writer March 1, 2022

Picture Hollywood’s stars in luxurious suits and gowns, smiling brightly for red carpet photographers. Now picture those same faces plastered all over social media, captioned with shocking scandalous...

Dive into the second episode of the Album Anatomy series of the Foothill Dragon Press to discuss singer-songwriter Clairos two studio albums: 2019s Immunity and 2021s Sling. Photo 
 credit: Spotify

Album anatomy: Immunity and Sling

Tessa Shinden, Writer February 28, 2022

Singer-songwriter, Clairo’s experiences through life are perfectly encapsulated in her two albums: Immunity and Sling. Although released only two years apart, listeners can easily detect her growth and...

The Nintendo Direct for February didnt disappoint with news for many new video games. Photo Credit:

Nintendo shows a taste of what’s in store for 2022 in the Nintendo Direct of Feb. 9

Kelly Quinn, Writer February 25, 2022

On Feb. 9, Nintendo presented us with what looks to be most of their upcoming projects for the first half of 2022 in the first Direct of the year. Nintendo Directs are where Nintendo presents news on their...

Spider-Man: Now Way Home captivates fans with its brilliant uses of nostalgia and great action. Photo Credit: The Verge

Spider-Man: No Way Home: A near perfect representation of Spider-Man

Kelly Quinn, Writer February 16, 2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a perfect mixture of nostalgia and fan service while still bringing its own unique elements to the table. It has exciting and emotional moments which can be appreciated by hardcore...

Mixed with fun adventures and stressful moments, the Hype House show allows viewers to experience the influencer life. Photo Credit:

Did the Hype House show live up to its hype?

Isheeta Pal, Writer February 14, 2022

Hype House is a Netflix original TV show that portrays a unique perspective of what it's like to be a part of the Hype House – the group of influencers that rose to TikTok fame in the United States....

The Beatles, the Backstreet Boys and so many more boy bands have impacted generations of listeners through their music and influence.

The boy band phenomenon

Frances English, Writer February 4, 2022

From The Beatles to BTS, boy bands have maintained a firm grasp on all things music-related, but what makes these groups so popular worldwide, earning them unstoppable fan bases and millions of dollars? The...

Anime has progressively grown in popularity in America over the last decade and has made its place in pop culture as an incredibly influential form of media.

OPINION: The rise of anime in America

Olivia Mowad, Writer February 2, 2022

In 2014, Netflix released the first anime on its platform: “Knights of Sidonia”. Since then, thousands of people across the United States have taken the opportunity to experience this art form across...

The year of 2021, amidst the struggles that it brought, offered a powerful ripple effect of new content to offer the public from media and music to clothing and social trends.

Best of 2021

Despite taking place amidst a global pandemic, the year of 2021 had no shortage of stellar accomplishments in a wide range of genres. The entertainment industry saw iconic, record-breaking media, social...

The amazing performance that ended the night made fans cry.

BTS takes over the night with a life changing experience at the Sofi Stadium

Melanie Hernandez, Writer January 12, 2022

After waiting two years to perform due to the pandemic, BTS was able to hold their very first live concert at the Sofi Stadium on November 27.  BTS kicked off the four-night takeover on Saturday night...

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