Non-stop action makes up for lacking plot in “Iron Man 3”

"Iron Man 3" provided action throughout its running time of 130 minutes. Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/The Foothill Dragon Press

Justin Redemann

“Iron Man 3” provided action throughout its running time of 130 minutes. Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Who needs plot when you can have action? Certainly not Iron Man.

“Iron Man 3” may not have a very well-crafted plot, but its special effects, action, and clever clusters of one liners do an excellent job of making up for that. This movie is proof that you do not need a great amount of plot to make a great movie. Director Shane Black did an amazing job displaying the strengths and weaknesses of Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr.

Tony Stark must again fight the forces of evil when Mandarin, a terrorist, threatens the national security of the people of the United States. In return to Mandarin’s threats, Stark threatens him with vengeance and his home address when giving the media the whereabouts of Mandarin.

Black does a great job of portraying the stubbornness and confidence in Stark. He does this through making his character rude but clever when interacting with people.

Little does Stark know that Mandarin is simply a decoy hiding the real culprit, Killian. Killian is much like the stereotypical mad scientist. He is attempting to perfect a drug called “Extremis,” capable of rebuilding limbs, but harming innocent people to do so.

Mandarin (Killian) attacks Stark’s home, nearly killing him. Stark escapes, and must rise up like a phoenix from the ashes to attempt to save his wife Pepper, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, and stop the evil scientist using some new tricky weapons, as well as old ones.

Guy Pearce did a good job playing Killian. He was able to make Killian a very detestable character. Paltrow perfected the role of Pepper, also. She is Stark’s perfect character foil because she provides a cool, calm tone whereas he provides a spontaneous flare.

In the end, it was Downey Jr.’s performance of Stark that made the film so great. He was quick, clever and flawless in his comedy and proved that he will indeed, “always be Iron Man.”


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