The best of Netflix: Documentaries


Justin Redemann

Aryan Brotherhood, 6 Day to Air and Grizzly Man are all great documentaries available on Netflix Credit: Aysen Tan/The Foothill Dragon Press

Netflix has a vast amount of interesting documentaries that are jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring, but unfortunately they also have some that are poor ones that are not worth your while, so to help you narrow down your list of documentaries to watch on Netflix, I compiled a list of three good (and one not-so-good) documentaries on Netflix.

1. “Religulous”

“Religulous” is a very comical (but offensive) documentary about talk show host Bill Maher, and his travels around the country in search of why people believe in organized religion. He was brought up as a Catholic, and eventually abandoned his faith. The film is very comical because people portray Bill Maher as an atheist who knows nothing about their religion, when in fact he has studied the Bible, Torah, Koran and many other religious books. This leads to much confusion among the various religious leaders, and much humor for the viewer.

2. “National Geographic: Aryan Brotherhood”

“National Geographic: Aryan Brotherhood” is about a gang that does most of its crime behind bars. The Aryan Brotherhood is a white supremacist group that has 20,000 members in federal and state prisons across the United States and is responsible for 20 percent of all murders in federal prisons. The amazing thing about this gang is that they run an estimated 3.5 to 4 million dollar business behind bars,  acquiring these funds through the sale of narcotics. The documentary is jaw-dropping and will have you interested from the first interview. Although this documentary is incredibly interesting, it is also very graphic and a bit creepy.

3. “Grizzly Man”

Another documentary that I enjoyed was “Grizzly Man.” This documentary is about Timothy Treadwell’s life and what other people thought of him. Timothy Treadwell spent his life studying grizzly bears; he studied them for 13 summers in Alaska and he eventually learned how to interact with them. His goal was to make a movie about how the United States should protect the grizzly bear’s habitat from being modernized. But before he had the chance, he and his girlfriend were mauled by the bears. The documentary was sad but very touching. It was very informative and gave a solid picture of what Timothy Treadwell’s life was like.


4. “6 Days to Air”

I felt the documentary “6 Days to Air” was disappointing and rather boring. The documentary is about the making of the television show “South Park.” It was interesting at times because of the fact that other shows such as “Family Guy” take 10 months to make when “South Park” only takes six days. I did not like the documentary because it seemed to be overlooking the fact that it would be much easier to record episodes prior. The creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, are glorified when instead be blamed for the inconsistency of humor in each episode. The documentary was not very informative and just seemed to capture the horseplay of the creators.

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