Ella Svete: Horsing around

Ella Svete

This weekend was quite the adventure.

There was a Rotary conference with 60 exchange students. I made so many friends.

We went to the mountains of Talca and it was absolutely gorgeous. We went swimming in the river, which was the coldest water I have ever been in. I got light-headed at one point because my body wasn’t warm enough.

I think we are making it a tradition with these exchange students to always go swimming in freezing cold water.

On Saturday, we went horse-back riding for eight hours. The first two hours were really fun, and I realized how much I like horses. My friend and I even tried to Avatar bond with them.

By the third or fourth hour, we were all dying. We had to scale a cliff on these clumsy horses that kept slipping.

When we reached the top of the mountain, it was absolutely gorgeous but I was so tired and sore from the horse I didn’t want to think about getting on it for another four hours.{sidebar id=65}

Going back down the mountain was the worst experience ever.

My saddle was too far up on the horse’s neck so I had to get down twice so they could fix it.

The first time I got down I slipped down the mountain and under the horse and it was terrifying. Then, when I tried to get back on the horse, the saddle wasn’t tightened and it slipped around the horse and I went with it. I was screaming for help and luckily someone heard.

When that happened I was done riding horses.

There were even some people crying on the way down. It was definitely quite the adventure, and we all have a lot of good stories to tell.

School is basically over for me. Today in my physics class the teacher told us we could go out and buy the delicious homemade bread they have, and just hang out in class and eat. I think that is how the days are going to go on for now.

Next week we get out at 1:30 every day. The last day of school is the 7th and then after that… BRAZIL!

On Friday I have to host a game show for the whole school. We are having an English festival and everyone dresses up in typical American things. Some of my friends are being cheerleaders and some of them are being donuts, which I thought was very funny.

I am nervous about hosting the game show because I get stage fright even when I speak English. My face gets so red and I look like a tomato.

Also, I found out that I switch families after Christmas and before New Years and I am so nervous. The other families aren’t as good as mine and I am so worried I won’t be happy there. I hope I go to the exchange student’s family who is in my house in Ventura right now. His family is so wonderful. My fingers are crossed.

What do you think?