Hannah Alday and Elena Schink: The First Aid Teachers


Rachel Crane

Credit: Rachel Crane/The Foothill Dragon PressFor their Senior Hero Project, Elena Schink and Hannah Alday are tasking themselves with saving lives by forming a first aid training club at Foothill.

Schink and Alday believe that educating people on lifesaving maneuvers is important so they can have the skills to react appropriately in dangerous situations. Schink herself has been in the position where she’s had to use first aid outside of school.

“I’ve had to do the Heimlich on one of my friends who was choking… I also have had to take care of a few kids when they went into shock. A few other BioScience members and myself came across a car crash in the mountains once as well, thought we thankfully did not have to use our first aid knowledge, but we were prepared to do so,” she said.

The club currently has six active members, not including Schink and Alday, and meets Tuesdays during lunch in Mika Anderson’s class, room E104.

“My highest hope for this project is that it will be continued on next year,” Alday said. “If everyone has the tools to react in an emergency, the community would be a safer place in the case of a large natural disaster.”

For Schink and Alday, the greatest reward is to give someone the skills that could save someone’s life.

“If we can comfort one victim or save one life, we’ve accomplished our goal. I hope that this project, in whatever form it may evolve into, will spread across campus and into our community, making it safer,” Schink said.

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