UC Davis: Kyle Braver (’09)

Credit: Greg Wada

Anaika Miller


Credit: Greg Wada
Credit: Greg Wada. Used with Permission.


Davis, home to the UC bearing the same name, is a small Northern California town of about 60,000 people. It very much has the feel of a “college town”. However, as there are busses which travel to Berkeley and Sacramento, Davis students have the opportunity to experience the enjoyments of a big city experience if they so wish.

UC Davis itself has the feel of a rural area, an experience somewhat reinforced by the presence of livestock (especially cows) right outside one of the major freshman dorms. Personally, I like the close proximity; cows are cute.

The university itself is one of the top public universities in the country, and an excellent destination if you’re interested in research. Finding an internship in a lab as an undergraduate is relatively easy to do. Personally, I consider science rather icky. But luckily for me, Davis is also home to an excellent humanities department and a very good law school. Also, Davis has some pretty adorable cows. Did I mention the cows?

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