Update: ESSER III Expenditure Plan


Ventura Unified School District

The newly approved plan works to offer academic support and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Adler Striegel, Assignment Editor

The Oct. 12 school board meeting consisted of a variety of Ventura Unified School District (Ventura Unified) updates, including approved adoption of the updated ESSER III Expenditure Plan

The meeting commenced with the usual parliamentary procedure, pledge of allegiance and roll. Superintendent Roger Rice then gave his report, in addition to the student board reports. The school board then offered an opportunity for public comments, many of which expressed disapproval of recent vaccine mandates. 

The board moved into action items, including the federal emergency relief funding plans and request for approval of the federal ESSER III Expenditure Plan. 

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Rebecca Chandler presented the updated plan and explained the changes made to the draft since the previous special study session on Oct. 1. These changes included increasing the academic support funds and decreasing the COVID-19 prevention funds, leaving the allocated money at almost 11 million dollars for both parts of the plan. They removed the funds for outdoor learning spaces and testing kits from the budget of the third year of the grant. 

The board then discussed different aspects of the plan, including air conditioning and ventilation. Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services Antonio Castro shared feedback received from Ventura Unified school principals.

The school board members approved the plan with a unanimous vote. 

With regards to the grant, Chandler stated that it was a ,“continuation of money that we have [already] been getting,” and it allowed for, “continued supports,” throughout the district.

All of the items discussed in the board meeting can be found in the agenda and the link to a recording of the meeting can be found here.

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